Post Requests for LAN/WIFI Edge Drivers Here (community-created)

At the request of the community Developers, we will now have three similar request Threads: one for Z wave devices, one for Zigbee devices, and one for LAN devices. Please make sure you are posting your request in the correct thread or the right community developer might not see it.

This thread is for requests for LAN edge drivers only

First things first: begin by reading the very helpful note from @philh30 below in post#3. Edge is moving out of beta but the transition is not yet complete, and you may just want to wait until smartthings has finished automatically moving things over and then just deal with whatever’s left.

If you do want a custom driver now, there is a list of existing custom edge drivers in the community – created wiki, so check there first to see if there’s already a driver for the device you need.

If you can’t find one on the quick browse lists, please help save the time of the community developers who are working very hard on these by first reading this whole thread to see if someone has already requested the model you were looking for. I know it seems like a lot of work, but it will be better for everyone if the developers can spend their time working on edge Drivers rather than reading duplicate requests.

If you can’t find one on the quick browse lists in the wiki and one has not already been requested for that model in this thread, you can ask here if any community developer would be interested in creating one.

Now that there are a number of community members writing edge drivers, we are also starting to see lots of random requests for additional device models showing up in all kinds of other threads, which gets confusing. :thinking:

The reason is understandable: edge drivers work best if the specific device “fingerprint“ is included, sometimes it’s as simple as adding just a fingerprint to an existing edge driver. But sometimes there’s more to it than that.

Anyway, this thread is so you can post a request for a community – created edge driver for a specific brand/model If one has not already been created or requested people who are still in limbo.


You will need to know the exact model number of your device. An edge driver that works for one model might not work for another.

No guarantees that the driver will be created, but at least this will keep the forum organized. :sunglasses:


Developers: if you need to ask questions about the device or start a longer conversation, please start an individual topic for it and link to it from a post in this thread. I’d like to keep this thread to a maximum of two posts per device per developer: one requesting a driver, and one responding to that request. (Of course more than one developer might respond, you never know.)

Have fun: it’s a brave new world out there. :rocket:


If you’re trying to write your own edge driver and you have any questions about that, you can get help in the developer support section:

Support - SmartThings Community

or in the section on writing edge drivers:

Writing Edge Drivers - SmartThings Community

A note about “fingerprints”

You will see a lot of discussion of “fingerprints“ with respect to edge drivers. A “fingerprint“ is the smartthings’ term for a numeric code representing the manufacturer and model number of a device. Zigbee and zwave Devices will send this information to the hub at the time that they join the network for the first time.

@jds13 had a very good post on the details

@iquix @Mariano_Colmenarejo @TAustin @ygerlovin @philh30 @veonua

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copied from zwave request thread

Hello, does anyone think about developing a LAN driver to control Yeelight brand lights? It would be great to have local control…

as far as I remember local Yeelight requires AES implementation

I haven’t seen that mentioned in the quick research I’ve done. Can you point me to your source?

I thought that Yeelight is using the miio protocol as other devices from Xiaomi ecosystem. but it seems I was wrong

Yea, from what I can see they use a modified SSDP for discovery, and simple TCP with json body for commands.

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It looks like a community developer is working on one:

“geek mode” is an option in the yeelight app which is also called “developer mode“ or “LAN control.”

@TAustin @veonua

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For me it recognized only one of the three lamps. And even the one that was recognized, it’s not possible to control, I get “verifying” status and nothing happens.

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Please post any questions about an existing edge driver in the author thread for that edge driver. Thanks!

In this case:

[ST Edge] Yeelight

Bond Bridge would be a great one


The Mill Wifi ovens seems to have a bit of a following and an open API:

Original request thread:

Open API:


I would love to request integration with Tado thermostat


Edge Drivers are for hub-connected devices, most commonly Zigbee or zwave. There are some LAN devices as well, but they have to have an open API. Tado does not: they only offer cloud integration. So I think the most probable path for that particular device is to contact the company and ask them to add smartthings integration. It’s not impossible that someone will come up with someway to do it from an edge driver, but it’s probably not likely. :thinking:

Oh I see. Apologies I’m not very technical. I’m using the user made groovy integration, was hoping the same could be achieved with edge.


I know Ecobee has an official C2C integration but it has limited capabilities. I’m wondering if something closer to the Universal Ecobee Suite Smartapp could be achieved using the Ecobee API and Edge?

Community Topic link
Universal Ecobee Suite

Github link


Excuse me, I had not seen this topic, and I had created a topic for my particular request:

No problem, this topic is just to help keep the requests organized and avoid too many duplicate topics. but if you get a response in your own topic, that’s good, too. :sunglasses:

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Considering that Netatmo’s native thermostat integration is poor and updates the gni 6 hours, maybe some developer l thinking to create an edge drive? Am I asking for something too complicated to do? I think there would be many interested

Hello, would anyone be interested in creating a driver for LAN control of Yeelight’s bulb and screenbar lamps?

I have one of the hot/cold white bulb model YLDP01YL

And a YLTD003 screen bar

Currently, as far as I know, there is no driver for LAN control on these models.

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