Lights turning on/off issues - post Oct 20th update

Guys, please use this thread to share your poltergeist light issues whereby there is mysterious light turn ons and offs. Just a request to report genuine issues and minus the sarcasm and attacks. :slight_smile:

And of course, please do put in a ticket for genuine issues.

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I’ve never had anything turn on by itself. Only !turn on.

I suspect that things turning on by themselves are dramatically delayed on commands that were valid at once point. That is just a suspicion to help those who contribute to this thread, look for delays. That way we can exorcise the ghost!

I have to say Im feeling something spooky here as well.
Recently, one of my LIFX bulbs has started coming on, about 30% brightness - it is not part of any automation.

And a Hue light comes on - it should be triggered by motion, but randomly comes on.

In both cases, there is nothing in the events log to say they came on.

I typically manually set my mode to EVENING, which in turn shuts everything to OFF (routine). I do not see and ALL OFF, so I set every fixture to go off when I go into EVENING MODE. However, I have it also happen at 11:00pm in case I am not home. Last weekend I was not home, when I came home in the morning one of my switches had not gone OFF. Double checked and it was definitely in the routine to turn OFF. So 2 things…

1, just added this to the ‘ghost issue’ of lights not turning off.
2, is there already an ALL OFF command somewhere in the app?


My understanding is that one simple routine would be best practice for all off.

Hey guys,

This was an issue that we posted a hotfix for over the weekend.

If you are still seeing these issues reboot your hub. That should resolve the issue.


Tim, I am recreating some of my Smart Lightning instances that have misbehaved over the weekend and at first I thought the newly created instances are just not functioning but then after a couple of hours they start working. Do you think that delay is likely in my home or is server based? I cannot figure this one out. I am afraid to reboot my hub now, as last time I did it, it killed my zigbee devices (or maybe that was just a coincidence, but still rebooting makes me cringe now)…Also the problem seems to be related to zwave/zibee combo. If I use zwave/zwave combination it works faster?!

I bet this was just a weird occurrence. I reboot my hub all the time and never lose connectivity to devices.

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I do too, but …I just did it again, thanks for your quick response…

Update: holy smokes that fixed it! And I have been worried all evening that it may kill my devices again!

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For the record, rebooting hub only solved my problems temporarily. Things are not working as they should within couple of hours after reboot. One thing I noticed, for those who are rebooting, if my sensors are active when the hub is powered down, those devices need to be power cycled when hub comes back up. I am on day four with no response from support and no viable solution to get things under control. This is not venting but sharing my experience. I urge others to do the same, maybe together we can figure out a workaround.

Timing or lighting issues?

Timing within routines has never been an issue for me. My sunset/sunrise has worked consistently 99% of the time. As rule, I set my routines based on events and not timers. I had one running at 3pm that didn’t fire, so I converted it into an event based trigger. Now timing withing lighting applications has been the biggest problem for me since Saturday. I can set things to turn on and off with no problems, but if I add any delays, things get crazy. Lights will not turn on on open sensor or motion, or turn on but not off or even turn on when they should turn off and vice-versa. And that applies to Smart Lightning app and cloud based apps. Because these are visible to the house members, I had been deleting these applications one by one to limit the annoyance factor, so basically I will need to start over. I am down to about 10 Smart Lightning instances from over 30. At this point I think maybe I need to uninstall the parent and see if that fixes the problems. Any thoughts, suggestions?

Totally stumped at your situation. All my regular lights are based on routines… All hues if that helps. And I use smart lighting for all the temporarily lighting like closet and basement (mix of Cree, Ge and lux) but they don’t have minute based turn offs but based on contact close. And they have been working fine now. East coast (I know that doesn’t help). I did not do anything to smart lighting to fix the outage. Only varied my routine by a minute or so.

I sincerely hope that they help resolve your issues. I would have completely freaked out by now.

I totally freaked out when my lock unlocked all by itself this morning! I have a gate bell at the street plus the Kuna at the front door so I should always get at least two notifications before someone physically gets to the lock. Even if SmartThings misses the gate, Kuna should catch someone at the door. But nothing, just the unlock sound.

I checked the logs, there was no trigger event. Just the unlock command sent by SmartThings. Spooky!

Totally agree. This is too too weird. I don’t remember so many people getting affected on such a large scale since I joined ST.


Just random stuff. It seems like some of my apps got stuck on previous mode, much like JD, lights that should turn on at night, turned on in the middle of the day. Sure enought the current state in ide was showing night. I could have tried to troubleshoot, but I was at work when wife called, so I had to delete it. The problem is that I am undoing what I’ve done so far, without knowing what went wrong so I can avoid it in the future.

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Why does it always happen during Halloween? Isn’t this from last year?

Ghosts are real…

But in all seriousness I am working on tracking this stuff down. Keep the info coming.


@slagle our own homebred ghost hunter! Help us all!

Go, go ghost buster!

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