Lights On / Off Randomly?

Has anyone had their lights go on / off randomly over the past few days? Today I’ve checked and a few have randomly turned themselves on.

I have this problem with my Lightify bulbs occasionally… will come home and one of them will be on but nothing has registered in ST about it turning on so assume it’s the bulb itself. It might be they need a firmware upgrade but I don’t have the Lightify gateway and didn’t really want to have to buy one either.

Otherwise, I’ve had the odd hiccup where ST has turned on/off lights but that’s normally after I’ve not long turned them on or off so assume it’s a stray command or something getting thrown around.

That sounds familiar - all of mine are lightify bulbs too. Is there a way of upgrading the firmware without the gateway somehow?

No that I am aware of. ST have mentioned eventually adding in support for firmware updates but I bet that’s a LOOONG way off.

Damn. Was hoping that it could be done via a lightify app or something.