Smartlights random today after platform update

Just wondering if anybody else has experienced anything off with smartlights today? I have two setup for my front lights and lamps, there not suppose to turn on until 7pm and 735pm. Both came on at 1035am this morning. This is on the v2 hub as well. Everything was running perfect prior to the platform update.

I had some random light / outlet issues after leaving home today. I kept turning them off but they would come right back on or refuse to turn off.

Finally I placed a ticket and rebooted my phone. It may have been timing but no issues since.

I was having a lot problems last night, about 130am cst. I couldn’t get some bulbs added, some lights were working and others not. Then they would swap on that issue. I did have one that seemed to be stuck in a dim/bright loop, which would be cool if I could figure out how to do that on purpose.

Oh, and I was receiving random intruder alerts from one of my sensors. Oh, and all of my hue bulbs were acting really flakey.

I got up this morning at 6 and the poltergeist had gone to bed, plus the bulbs connected right away.

Yeah I couldn’t add a switch last night, and then this morning when I got it added I tried to add new SmartLights automation on both my android phone and ipad and app would just error out before getting to installation/configuration. Just tried again and it installed fine though.

I was having problems with all my lights and switches, but most (not all) are working now. My GE Link bulbs aren’t connected (Smartthings seems to think they are, but nothing happens). I’m stumped. Everything was fine yesterday.

Just an update. All of my smartlights automations worked perfectly tonight. I also have a few ge links for my lamps and they are reporting and working fine now.

As of right now non of my motion sensor are responding and also my GE switches are not responding.