Smart lighting app

Hi folks, just wondering if anyone has had any issues with their auto lighting as of yesterday.

I have about 30 lighting automations set up that have been working fantasticly for about a year but yesterday I noticed that the lights are not turning off after 1 minute of no motion.

IE I have my bathroom light set up so that if there is motion in the bathroom the light turns on and then off again after 1 minute of no motion however the light stays on and doesn’t turn off.

Anyone else had this problem? It’s not an issue with the rule as it has been working brilliantly and I haven’t changed anything.

Same thing for me as of last night, lights on motion sensors not turning off after x mins. Sent to support who ‘refreshed the app’ and asked me to see if the same thing happens tonight.

Saturday night I had a light fail to turn off via SL. It was a rule that should have turned the light off when the Good Night routine was run. Routine ran but light did not shut off. Last night it worked fine though.

We have not received trending issues of automation failures (similar to a few weeks back). If you haven’t already, please submit a ticket to support so we can investigate.

I’ve been seeing it randomly the last few days as well.

Do you still have issues with hub rebooting randomly? That might be a reason. Ironically, my wife has been complaining all weekend that lights turn off in the kitchen while she’s still moving and then they wouldn’t turn back on for a period of time, even though she’s waving her hands in front of the sensors. It seems to have stopped today, though.

I’ve also been experiencing this for a couple days now. I’m mainly using CoRE and the OP said he’s using smart lighting. This looks like a platform issue rather a smartapp problem. I’m surprised support hasn’t seen an issue trending.

It’s all @slagle s fault that he dared taking an emergency leave last week. Hope everything is ok, Tim.