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Hub Firmware Release Notes - 0.24.11

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  • 0.24.11

Hub Target

  • Samsung SmartThings Hub (Hub V2 and Hub V3)

Release Date

  • US - between Thursday, October 11 at 10:00 am to 9:00 pm EDT
  • EU - between Thursday, October 11 at 4:00 pm to Friday, 12 October at 3:00 am BST

Release Notes

  • Local execution support for the Everspring Flood Sensor. See here for more information.
  • Firmware updates on the following devices. For more information, please see here.
    • SmartThings Multi and Motion Sensors (2015)
    • Cree LED Bulb
  • Other bug fixes and stability improvements.

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Oh snap! Have you guys resolved the Zwave switch issues going offline and having to mess around with the airgap switch to make them report status again properly??? I’m on the beta (24.10 right now), and I literally just reset 2 GE zwave switches just now because of this issue!

Seriously, has anyone looked into the feedback provided on Centercode?

(Melanie Tovey) #3

Does this fix include the one for zwave draining battery on yale lock??

(Kianoosh Karami) #4

Hey John, the airgap related issue is a known issue and admitted by the manufacturer, Jasco. They have since released newer hardware and no longer requires you to reset the hardware.

I have been listening to the feedback provided on the centercode and I can guarantee you that we are working on resolving the issues, but it does not mean the issues are 0.24.X related. It just happens that the timing of issues overlapped well with other internal issues.

Sorry that you are experiencing problems, and frankly I am plagued with the same issues at home and I am not happy about it. But I can guarantee you that I have found 0 evidence of any issues related to the firmware releases if that is anything to you.

(Kianoosh Karami) #5

What issue is that? and Can you please point me to some material that covers this issue and points the finger at SmartThings?

I am not 100% aware of this issue, and some have suggested this is a SmartThings issue and I just would like to know what the issue exactly is and how is this a SmartThings issue in order to resolve it if possible.



I appreciate that reply, but until the last couple of beta releases I was not having any problems with my GE switches - none. These things have been rock solid for many - many - months, and now all of a sudden several have exhibited this behavior. Smells fishy to me.

I suspect I’m not alone either. I doubt the beta testers complaining of this issue will deter ST from releasing this firmware update, but I will be very curious to know what the increase in support tickets will be once released.

(Kianoosh Karami) #8

Regarding the airgap issue, I can try to point you to contact the manufacturer and perhaps have them explain the issue if it helps.

Obviously, there are other issues we need to work through. So Thanks for being patient.


No problem. Here to help however I can.

( #11

You need to contact yale to get you zwave module updated. I got my two modules updated

( - Make your home your butler!) #12

Any chance this has fixed the buffer overflow issue from a large picture causing the hub to disconnect
as reported by @GSzabados ?

(Jimmy) #14

Those sound like app bugs, not hub firmware.

(Kirk Hilzinger) #16

Wish Z-Wave OTA and backup/restore/migration was on the list…

(Brad) #17

That will require an app update. It is unrelated to the Hub firmware update.

(Ron S) #18

Point taken. :slight_smile:

(Patrick Shoemaker) #19

Are release notes available for the ST multi sensor and Cree bulb firmware updates?

(DavidK) #20

Can you share a link to the air gap issue? I just got my first zwave plus Ge switch.

Should I return it and buy it again next year?

(Melanie Tovey) #21

I was in touch with yale when it happened as my daughter was locked out they advised that it was an issue with the smart hub and that smart things were aware what the bug was and working on a fix

(Melanie Tovey) #22

When we were away my daughter was unable to getin the house, i contacted yale they advised that it was an issue with the smart hub and the zwave connecting and that smart things were aware what the bug was and working on a fix. I have seen this issue reported on other sites previously. I haven’t had the zwave in since as dont want to risk being locked out

(Beau Thompson) #23

hi are there any updates for ZOOZ Z-WAVE PLUS S2 POWER STRIP ZEN20 VER. 2.0


That applies to the older 4xxxx series GE/JASCO switches. All my newer GE/JASCO ones are fine. I believe they’re the 1xxxx series (smaller blue LED style).

Your zwave plus GE devices should be fine.