Firmware Update - 11/17/15 - Version 14.13

Release Notes for firmware version 14.13

  • Improvements to Smart Home Monitor
  • Some parts of SHM run locally now
  • Improvements to camera discovery
  • Misc bug fixes and improvements

Would it be possible to get a list of those misc items, so we know what we need to scratch off our wish-they-would-fix-this list?


Have to say… that’s rather vague.


To be more accurate, that’s extremely vague :smile:


How can we tell when our hub has been updated?

I’m being the pessimist here… But when all of your stuff stops working… You’ve been updated! ! ! ! Lol!

But honestly, you can check the firmware version in the api.


Yup… This level of detail would be completely acceptable if the product / platform were solely consumer facing.

As a Developer Community, details are extremely valuable, and sometimes, critical.

I seem to recall a certain platform change a couple of weeks ago that disabled OAuth functionality for some very high-profile web services SmartApps. I spent a few hours confirming the problem and @slagle himself had to spend some non-trivial effort to track down the exact cause. If we simply had detailed release notes; just immediately after the change (though, obviously, PRE-change is much, much better), then it would have literally saved me from hours of wasted time.

If we had the notes before the change, then our outage, affecting hundreds of users, could have been avoided entirely. I repeat: If we had the notes before the change, then the outage could have been avoided entirely.

Please do not trivialize the importance of detailed *pre-*release notes for the Community. I cannot stress how much I would appreciate this.


Just out of curiosity, did anyone actually notice their hub go down or any issues since it got update? Everything seems to be fine for me so far and I’m 14.13, didn’t even get a notice that the hub went offline/inactive…

Check your hubs firmware version

Firmware Version 000.014.00013 = updated

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Mine must be last on the list, Mine hasn’t been updated yet.

Mine hasn’t either. I almost just hit reboot in the IDE hoping it would trigger the update while the fallout - if any - would be minimal.

I noticed something different; On a whim, I changed one of the icons for my device (that had never worked before). It actually changed…

Any chance this fixes the issue of not being able to set a dimmer level in smart lighting triggered by a motion sensor? I can see my hub got upgraded, but I’m not home to test right now.

No update here. Hope one of the bug fixes is the battery info for locks. Have had a ticket on that problem for sometime and was told it was a bug. Thought I was getting updated but it was just the internet was down for about 10 minutes. Strong winds in my area ahead of some nasty weather heading our way. Hope internet is up when it is my turn to get update.

My hub still shows 000.013.00013. To add insult to injury, it took over a minute for my mobile app to connect. We’ll see how long it takes to get a response for my support ticket…:sob:

Still no workie for me with dimmers…

Check My Hubs in the IDE. Mine still shows 13.00013, so I imagine post-update it will be 14.00013. Speaking of which, the “3hr update window” ended over 45 mins ago and it still hasn’t happened here. Typical.

Soon… It will happen soon!

I was just checking the same thing. almost 2 hours past the end of the update window and mine is still at version 000.013.00013

and the Update Hub function in the mobile app just returns a cheerful “Your hub is connected and up to date!” message. :laughing: