Hub Firmware Release Notes - 18.18

Starting on Wednesday, July 19th, we are going to begin rolling out Hub firmware version 18.18. Note that this is a rolling release, and you will be informed of your particular update time slot via email. Downtime for most Hubs will be less than 1 minute.

This update will provide the following improvements:

  • Faster boot times and local automations
  • Increased reliability and performance for Zigbee devices
  • Fix for problem with some Schlage Z-Wave locks not reporting lock status
  • Firmware updates for SmartThings sensors and outlets, Sengled Classic bulbs, Iris sensors and the Halo smoke alarm

EDIT 7-Aug-2017:
There are multiple release versions as we work out issues affecting certain user’s setups. Here’s a round-up of versions to hopefully help ease some confusion:

  • 18.21: Production users in UK/EU whose Hub was active as of July 19th
  • 18.20: Beta users
  • 17.14, 17.13, 17.12: All other production users, including all of NA, and new users on UK/EU

What are the specific zwave network repair issues that are being fixed?


Will “Increased reliability and performance for Zigbee devices” fix our ge light drop out issue?

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I welcome any improvements, thanks.


whoa, so z-wave OTA updates are being implemented now? I don’t remember hearing that in the beta.

I removed these items from the release notes in the first post. Z-Wave OTA isn’t supported and there were not actually any Z-Wave network repair issues fixed in this release. Sorry for the confusion.


Depending on your zigbee network it may help. The somewhat technical explanation is we increased the number of end devices (typically battery powered devices) that can directly connect to the hub. Previously if you had more than 32 of these types of devices they would be forced to join through routers (typically mains powered devices like lights and outlets). If they joined through GE Link bulbs you’d be more likely to run into the firmware issues with the GE Link bulbs that causes them or devices connected through them to go offline.

Once you get the firmware update, you may want to try powering off all your GE Links for about 10 minutes to try to force any end devices that were joined through a GE Link to find a new way to join the network, ideally directly to the hub. After 10 minutes you can power the GE Links back on. I do this any time devices in the vicinity of my GE Links start acting up and it generally helps.


Any details on which devices besides Iris?


Also Sengled Classic bulbs and the Halo/Halo+ smoke alarm


I replaced all of my ge links with Philips hue… Haven’t had a problem since! :grin::thinking:


Well sure, if you want to take the easy route :slight_smile:


Faster boot times is pretty self-explanatory, but what logging improvements might we expect to see?

Thanks! :sunglasses:

EDIT: apparently none, as @nastevens removed mention of ‘logging’ from the original post. Darn!

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Will this reduce the false triggers on the multi sensor?

I thought that was just an included feature they forgot to list on the box. :wink:


Are any models of Samsung Smart Cameras being added? I have a model I purchased that does not work with Smartthings and I am thinking of bringing it back.


False positives on multi-sensors?

I have the exact opposite problem! :slight_smile:

I am on the beta. Was anything changed in how acceleration is determined?

Basically I have a door that I wanted to monitor for movement and it worked flawlessly until last week.

It worked flawlessly for like 2 years.

When I manually test the door acceleration is shown in the event logs, but when the events happen, no acceleration is shown.

Other uses work flawlessly, i use it for doorbell notification and to monitor laundry done. In those cases it always notifies correctly and no false alarms. Thanks smartthings! For doorbell notification it might be more accurate to say there is never a false positive that I do not know about, what I mean is that if we are physically next to the door bell chime inside the house and I am jumping up and down with my 4 year old daughter, of course the multi-sensor will detect vibrations!

Speaking of multi sensor oddities (contact). My bedroom door closes without even opening. #STghosts exist!


So those original release notes had a lot of problems. Communication with people is hard, that’s why I communicate with computers for a living (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)

┬─┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ)

The notes have been edited to be actually representative of what people will see in this update. Sorry for the confusion.


Does this firmware address the bug (that apparently has been acknowledged by SmartThings) of devices that just simply drop out and are shown as “inactive”?

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What Iris sensors and where can we see the changes? Have a bunch of motion and would like to see what’s changing.

Is this only for V2 hubs? Will V1 hubs ever get any updates?