Hub 2 Backordered vs ships 5-7 days (AKA all shipping related posts, please)

Does anyone know the direct difference between backordered for pre orders to the ships 5-7 days on the site? Do we have a direct date or even a clue on when our v2 hubs will ship?

According to @ben , pre-orders ship today or tomorrow

Orders in our shop today will ship in 5-7 days. If you already pre-ordered, your order should ship later today or tomorrow. Amazon pre-orders will likely not ship until next week. I don’t think new orders at Amazon will really take 1-4 months. That is just default CYA language.


I pre-ordered from ST shop w/ the customer appreciation bundle, and all of support emailed me back that my order won’t ship for 7-10 days?..

Which should i be expecting (today or tomorrow), or 7-10 business days???



Smartthings Staff, can you give us an update on those that pre-ordered with customer appreication bundle (the first bundle) Is this going to ship today still? As others have said, from Smartthings shop, still shows status of “Backorder” and I haven’t seen another pre-authorization or charge hit against my credit-card yet.



@Ben Mine also shows “Backorder” in the Shipment State field and I was a pre-ordered with customer appreciation bundle (the first bundle) as well. What gives? Was hoping to at least see a shipping notification and tracking number. Thanks!

Shipping is underway. New orders should be sent out in 7-10 days form our shop and from Amazon.

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Thanks Ben,

I trust you! Just worrysome to see Backorder on the status from the shop page.


If it makes you feel better, my pre-order status in my account the shows the same thing as yours with no charge as of yet…

I had an Arduino shield backordered on the store and it had the same status when the charge, e-mail, and site status change was all at once, so I wouldn’t freak out over it just yet… it is just internet weirdness. You could have everything updated by the time you read this, but I wouldn’t worry that your order is lost or unnecessarily delayed based off that status.

Thanks. This is the first order from the Smartthings Shop so I was not sure how they posted the process. But if Ben says it is one the way then it is on the way.

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Actually I rechecked and the Arduino shield I mentioned just says ‘ready’ instead of shipped… although it is already here and in it’s new home! I am old enough to have ordered from Sears catalogs, so these things don’t bother me as much as some people these days, still nice to hear it is all OK!

I pre-ordered but my status still reflects Complete and Backordered. :confused:

Same here. Pre ordered Aug 17th, original loyalty promo. Status shows Complete, shipment state is backorder.

I was charged and mine went from backordered to shipment state: complete, at least they are starting to ship them out.

Did anyone order from Samsung? I preordered mine from since I have an account there. Are those being sent out as well? Status says preparing for shipment. I wonder if it will ship out soon.

I preordered the first day I have yet to be charged and my shipment status is still backordered.

I’m in same boat. I ordered 30 minutes after the emails were sent. Still no shipment status…

I preordered August 19th from Amazon. Today is September 8th. Shipment date still reads Oct 1st-Dec 16th. This is in direct conflict with the statement on 9/4 that shipping for preorders was underway, let alone that new orders should be sent out in 7-10 days from Amazon. Any comment? Thanks!

I also pre-ordered on Amazon and it’s showing me “Arriving Thu, Oct 1 - Wed, Dec 16.”