SmartThings Hub V2 now available for pre-order


We’re excited to let you know that the new generation of the Samsung SmartThings Hub will be available to purchase in early September and that, starting today, you will be able to pre-order the new Hub in the [SmartThings Shop][1], on [][2], and on [Amazon][3].

In addition to the new Hub, we’ll also be coming out with a new line of Samsung SmartThings products and an enhanced mobile app experience in the next few weeks.

You don’t need to purchase the new Hub in order to continue using SmartThings in your home. But if you do decide to order the new Hub, you’ll need to reconnect your current devices to the new Hub. We’ll provide detailed guidance that will make this process as easy as possible.

We can’t wait to tell you more about all the great new features of the new Hub and app experience. There’s much more coming, so please stay tuned for an official announcement in the coming weeks.



one thing I can’t seem to find in the description…what does the new hub do that the old hub doesn’t do?

Does this mean we won’t need to rebuild dashboard lights, water leak zones, groupings, etc? and that we’ll only need to readd each device? Or will we intact need to rebuild all lights, smartapps, etc?

It has support for Cameras and does local processing. Just ordered mine, let’s see how it goes.

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Does it come with that wooden box stand? (as shown in the picture.)


Yeah, it will comes with a couple of 2by 6. Just need to cut and assemble.


It’s going to be a fresh location, therefore-… :slight_smile: If you check your email, we are providing an upgrade deal…because a migration tool won’t be available yet.

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Awesome…finally! Just ordered. Good work guys!

Good question, though I guess I’m just happy to see samsung is not just burying the project. Maybe they can partner with Amazon for a more native integration. I’d much rather say “Alexa, lock the front door” than “Alexa, tell smartthings to lock the frontdoor”



Any idea when shipping will be available to other countries (Australia?)
As an original Kickstarter backer, i’m hoping the same discounted deal will be available for us outside of US and Canada?!



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thanks for the info. I finally found some details by searching other threads. It would be nice if ST would officially detail this info in the online description.

Has anything been officially stated regarding when pre-orders start shipping? Samsungs site says 10-14 days, but the other 2 don’t really indicate anything. Is that timeframe accurate?

I’ve pre-ordered off of Amazon already.


pre-ordered and really excited to get the next version of the hub.


I am interested but I can’t find any details on how this new hub works. If I am to endure the pain of redoing my entire system I sure want to know all the details. Example; local event execution. What events? Does the new hub become the primary device for command execution with the cloud being secondary? Just exactly what commands will execute in the event of cloud outage? What about push notifications? Where do they originate? and is the cloud necessary for that?

I have so many questions and see no details anywhere. When I purchased smart things my primary reason was security. It still is. How will the new hub increase the reliability in the area of security?

Thank You

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Details are everywhere if you are willing to dig, but we are releasing more details in the coming weeks. The spirit of what we’ve been stating for months is still true. Might be 1 other nice feature too.


Stay tuned into the blog and this site.


See post #16:


The link for pre-ordering is showing “Product will ship in 10 - 14 business days.” Amazon shows 1-2 months, and the ST shop just says “in a few weeks.”

You can assume the timeframes are all the same.

(Note: I don’t really love being as vague as I am being but it is sorta like a fun puzzle nonetheless)

(The “few weeks” timeframe was a joke, @Ben.)

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