SmartThings Hub Version 2.0

Yes it does.


Conformance statement showing zwave plus now posted on the official Z-Wave Alliance products website dated September 3, 2015. :sunglasses:

Apple didn’t even talk about homekit today, it makes smartthings v2 a better and better choice I think


In the event of a power outage, how fast is the transition from AC to Battery?

It happens right away.

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ST Support -

Can we get an OFFICIAL list of what is running locally in the V2 hub ?
Maybe I missed it somewhere :hushed: but a list of the ST supported apps with a “runs locally on the V2 hub” can’t be too hard.

We “the community” could be spending our time better by finding / fixing issues rather than playing trial and error to figure this out. Way too much brain power being wasted here.


Looking to get a new Oven in the next few months, Any Chance There will be a ridiculously sweet integration in that department? ! :wink:

Not likely in the next few months, but in the next couple of years we should get full integration with the Samsung smart appliance line. :sunglasses:

If you can get a 2016 model, that will be your best bet.


I’d be really paranoid about controlling an oven with ANY type of home automation. This isn’t a ST thing, but a general reliability thing. If your light doesn’t turn off at the right time, it’s annoying. If your oven doesn’t turn off, all kinds of bad things can happen…

All I wanted is a reliable schedule and sunrise/sunset for all my lights hence V2 for me. I have 100+ devices as well but I am willing to have self inflicted pain just for the sake of having my lights on.


Zwave Plus! Zwave Plus! Zwave Plus! :tada:

( I know some of the newest models of the V one sold in the last couple of months had Z wave plus, but mine didn’t. )

All on its own, zwave plus should mean longer-range and faster message processing. It might mean over the air firmware updates, I haven’t heard whether smartthings has implemented that. (@duncan ? Any other additional Z wave command support with V2? )

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I understand, I don’t put gas appliances on home automation. But electric for attended situations is generally OK with me.

I really, really, really want a microwave that I can control with a tablet or voice. Really.

It would be nice to have an oven with the door that opens to the side like a microwave door and that could be controlled by tablet or voice. But if I never get one of those it’s not that big of a loss.

But a microwave that I could easily work by myself would be ultra fantastic. :sunglasses:

He was in the interviewing process when that was decided. ( no sarcasm, just plain joke)

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I don’t know how much I would want to “control” it, more for status, voice notifications, an auto off after x minutes after timer for the forgot something in oven.

Notification if you turn oven on to preheat and don’t open the door to put something in after x amount of time. Or take dinner out of the oven and forget to shut it off. Those would be the two big advancements I can think of quick.


Great, now you guys have me wanting to put a multi-sensor on the oven door.
If temp rises above x* and door hasn’t opened after x minutes
If door has been opened and temp is above x* after x minutes


I’ve been swamped work-wise the last few weeks and dead tired at night so I haven’t been able to follow this thread as much as I would have liked. Has 2.0 started shipping yet? I thought I heard/read that the first promo-customers would start seeing their hubs shipped last week.

Is there an ETA for those of us who missed the first promo but took advantage of the second one?

I ordered mine on 8/18 and I just got the shipping notification this morning. It will be here tomorrow .