SmartThings Hub Version 2.0

I’m in the second batch. Have not received mine yet

Edit: my order status has switched to “ready”

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Has anyone been able to get the Harmony Hub to work with v2? Mine never connects. Is this a known issue with v2 or the Harmony integration? @thegibertchan

I’ve heard a few reports on this. We’ll investigate this. I’ll update the Harmony thread regarding this.

I would also like to check in on the V2 shipping estimate for Amazon pre-orders. I secured my pre-order almost immediately as soon as it came up. I thought I read earlier in the thread that they were going to start shipping last week. My delivery estimate still says Oct 1 - Dec 16…

My Harmony home hub was delivered yesterday and the only issue I had was that I kept losing the connection to it while going through the setup. I kept getting an error that I needed to be on the same WiFi network as the hub. After a few failures, I wound up power cycling the Harmony hub, my router and my phone. Then used the connect manually in the Harmony app ( push button on back so light flashes red) . The was able to complete the setup without any real issues.

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Gawd, I wish we could see an end to this thread! Can’t we just send a note to support for all these “I am not getting my hub” complaints… And the Amazon related orders to Amazon customer support! We all made @ben vanish and I don’t blame him.


I don’t think an update every 2 weeks is too much to ask. It’s a simple question asked politely. I apologize if it bothered you, if you unsub from the thread it won’t happen again :wink:

That’s not what I’m talking. You’re talking about setting up the remote with the hub (via the Harmony app) - yeah, that works great for me too - has for over a year, no problems. I’m talking about the ST to Harmony connection (which also worked great), but doesn’t with v2 (or something else related to recent changes). BTW, Harmony to ST works fine too.

Agreed. Contact Amazon.

My late August pre-order changed status today on Amazon from the old Oct to Dec notice to Sept 24-26. I’m looking forward to jumping into the fray. I already received my Arduino shield, and I’m hoping to eventually integrate my heavily hardwired house with HAI Omni series controller with the new ST 2.0 hub.

Re: WeMo - I have 3 WeMo, 1 GE and 7 Cree bulbs. Hands down the Cree are the best in terms of performance, dependability and light output. The GE has a yellow cast and losing pairing occasionally but the WeMo bulbs lose pairing quite often. I would say for lighting the most popular bulbs are the Hue (accent lighting) and Cree (general lighting).

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I pre-ordered Hub V 2 on 9/5/15. It arrived 9/18/15 so major kudos to the SmartThings team! I can’t wait to start playing with the new hub. The question is what to do with the old hub?

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Gave mine away to a friend this week. The more the merrier, right? :smile: One more smartthings home out there

I’m planning on putting my old hub in my office at work. Not 100% sure of what all I’ll be running on it, but I’ll figure something out. :smile:

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:smile: nice! I thought about taking it to work, but decided that was a rabbit hole I didn’t want to go down.


I’m the only one in a large-ish room at work and it’s not easy for me to hear people entering. I’m seriously considering taking the old hub, a SmartPower outlet, and a door sensor for an early warning system so I know when to hide all of my ST stuff. =)


With a Do Not Disturb mode that sets off a siren if someone tries to enter? :wink:


I have a set of old rotating USB woot-off lights that I’m thinking of using…

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haha, absolutely perfect!