Hub 2 Backordered vs ships 5-7 days (AKA all shipping related posts, please)

ordered mine a few hours after email was sent and just checked mine, same thing…backordered. credit card was charged though…

Guys, I’m pretty sure @Ben was speaking about pre-orders placed through SmartThings’ website… not from amazon… so i don’t see this as a direct conflict in his statement… Amazon’s going to do what they’re going to do…

He actual said Amazon, please see his post.`

We must be confused about posts: here’s what I read " Orders in our shop today will ship in 5-7 days. If you already pre-ordered, your order should ship later today or tomorrow. Amazon pre-orders will likely not ship until next week. I don’t think new orders at Amazon will really take 1-4 months. That is just default CYA language."

I pre-ordered directly from SmartThings and my current status still reflects:

Status: Complete
Shipment State: Backorder

Either their status is incorrect or Ben’s statement was.

I pre-ordered the customer appreciation bundle 7 minutes after receiving the email. Got my email an hour ago with tracking number. Eta this Thursday. FYI. Hope that helps. I ordered from smartthings.


Add me to the “Pre-ordered from SmartThings 8/18 and still shows Backordered” list.

I guess when Ben said they were shipping, he clearly didn’t mean they were shipping all pre-orders that day. Still, you’d think 5 days later they would have them done. Guess they didn’t work through the holiday. Lazy bums. :stuck_out_tongue:

FYI, Amazon is still showing several months for the pre-order. Do you guys have any updates beyond that? Are they still set to ship this week as you mentioned?

Just figured people would want to know, that shipments are shipping from the ST shop. Just got my shipping notifications.

"We’re happy to let you know that your SmartThings order is on the way! If you have any questions about your order, please email

Thanks again for your support!"

Shipping shows it was dropped off at the USPS facility almost 2 hours ago, at 2:44PM PST.


@DonRoberts, if you don’t mind me askin… when did you make your order?

Everyone is mentioning ST directly or Amazon. Any updates from Samsung site? I can’t find any status on the website.

@bamarayne — August 17th at 5:47PM PST time is when I received my pre-order confirmation.

I ordered from ST store, and mine still says backordered.

@Big_Jim I called the direct line, not much help there. They didn’t seem to know when it would be sent out. I ordered on the 17th and it still shows awaiting shipment. My credit card was already charged, of course.

I also ordered the 17th. I had this thought process that the parent company would probably ship sooner, no idea why. They charged my card back in August but the charge then left my account. I guess they only keep a ‘hold’ on it and it then releases after some time. I called and the girl explained she had no idea when the product would be released. Thought that was odd since the product had already been publicly released by ST. I have learned two things in this experience 1. I have no patience and 2. I have been following these product since it was mentioned for Q2 release many months ago and looking at the calendar and seeing September, time does actually fly by.

Well, I ordered moments after pre-orders opened with the customer appreciation package. But, they have no record of my order. That gives me a sad face.

I assume you have a confirmation email and that if you logged into your account you would see the order, correct?

I didn’t get a confirmation email either. The order went through when I made it, but it looks like it never actually “went through”. Which is weird because my updated address and credit card info is in the system, and I changed that while making the order.

Do you show the temp hold that went on the card after the order?

Ordered 8/18, and no hub yet. Pre-order, customer appreciation from ST’s own shop.

Status: Complete
Shipment State: Ready

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