SmartThings Hub V2 now available for pre-order

I ordered my bundle on the 17th and have been checking to see the status… Shipment State was still on “Backorder” until this afternoon when it changed to “Ready.” Checked my bank account online and my card was charged.

I’m assuming those who pre-ordered the bundle should be seeing a similar status, will let you know if I get a shipping email/tracking number. Thanks!

Just got the message “your order has shipped”. Here’s your tracking number :grinning:

Shipping and fulfillment topic:


… And you joined the Community just to post the conversation where issues were found, and they offered you 10% off just for the hassle? Is it just me or do people have really unprofessional ways of talking to poor people on the other end of a chat? Do we have no decorum anymore in our online conversations? “Have a field day with this conversation” “get your $$$$ together”… and harassing them on repeated occasions that maybe you should buy a different brand… sounds like you were looking to pick a fight from the get-go… I’m sorry, but this whole V2 Launch is NOT that unusual for Tech… things happen like this, and I’ve had a few conversations with support about device transition and missing features for existing accounts, but honestly… and I’m going to say it for many others in the community… I’d rather have people contribute constructively in these forums than just complain, nobody made promises to you during that conversation, and they were completely transparent about having an issue, and that’s when you “lost it”… at no point was the customer service person rude to you.

Moderators, ban me if you like for my response, but I feel its a fair and accurate and necessary point after reading 5+ days worth of comments… most were in jest or good fun and people are just anxiously awaiting their hubs and trying to order things, but this post is just RUDE treatment of a customer service person @ SmartThings, and they didn’t deserve it.


He did everything he could to help you and was clear that there is a technical issue preventing your order. Sure, they want to sell every last hub they can, but it’s just not reasonable to expect a CS rep to fix a problem with their eCommerce platform while you wait.

Why, again, should we have a field day with this?


I can’t agree with you more. When I missed the first package offer I emailed April who gave me great customer service. As it turns out ST missed me again on round two but I reached out again and ST hooked me up. Kill 'em with kindness, not your off putting personality.

There are plenty of other options out there. I swear some people are treating ST like a cable company screwing people over because there aren’t any other options. Honestly I can do more with the OpenHAB and rooted wink in my lab but having something more stable and user friendly for the wife is letting me keep my HA budget.

Thanks ST.

No problem here ordering from Canada with an American shipping addy through the store. I preordered on the 2nd.

You say the product must not be very good because they can’t accept your credit card, yet you’re still trying to order it…

Frustration is fine! Normal, even. Throwing a tantrum and trying to drag some poor CS rep’s name through the mud for a perceived injustice, however, is not.

Maybe try opening a ticket with That way you’re in their system and they can track the issue and respond when it’s fixed. Failing that, I hear SmartThings is coming to Best Buy in the great white north before long.



You know, the company that manufactured and sold me the tires on my truck told me that they would be round, full of air, and roll right along for about 50,000 miles. Imagine my surprise when I went outside one morning and found that one of my tires had a side that was straight instead of round.

I figured I had two options 1) take it to the goodyear shop and have them fix it. I could be pleasant to the staff and I could blame the nail that was in my tire for making it “Not Round”. or…
2) I could call the goodyear shop, act like a complete A$$ to the girl on the phone and tell them that if they don’t make my tire round right now for cheaper than they are asking that I’m going to go and buy me some Firestone’s!

Well, I still have Goodyear’s on the truck. I’m still in good standing with the shop. And I’m not being made fun of on a forum that has some honestly ruthless but brutally honest people on it.

So, honestly, what good did your attitude do for you? Do you feel better because of it? You do realize that when you act like that, they are laughing at you and putting you to the end of the line right? Have you ever been to McDonalds and had to wait on your fries at the drive-thru? Were you asked to pull up to the line and they’d bring them right out? I bet you’re the guy that sits there refusing to move because you think you get better and faster service for being a moron. Guess what, they take the old fries out of the bin and stick them in the microwave just for you. Ever wonder why your fries are suddenly done after 20 seconds of sitting there? Ever notice that it takes 3 - 5 minutes to get them when you pull up? There’s a reason for that…

… people do not like A$$HOLES!!!

I joined the newsletter to receive the pre-order for the hub V2 and never received an email. I thought maybe it went to spam but I’m just finding out on here that apparently a lot of people didn’t get the email. Are you sending out the pre-order package email again or did we just miss the boat by not getting the email from the start? Please let me know. Thank you!

P.S. - Joined the developer thread to make sure I don’t miss out on further updates.

Renhaus- email support. They took care of me.

Probably goes without saying but don’t make a heel of yourself

Do you own a v1? The bundle was just for current users. If you have a v1 and didn’t get the email, email support.

Most definitely not the case. The code was plastered across several websites, and ST honored the orders regardless of V1 ownership. I actually am a V1 owner who tried to purchase the deal within the first day and was advised it had sold out. That deal was not exclusive in any way.

Do you recommend buying from SmartThings instead of Samsung?

I bought on Samsung, but am concerned it will take a long time before it ships.

Eh, mine changed to ready. It will show up when it shows up. Not sure why everyone is in such a hurry. Is it because someone just wants to be 1st? Water doesn’t boil any faster because you watch it. Relax, the shipment will show up when it shows up. Be happy it was announced and it’s coming. I do think they could have waited and maybe got that first shipment ready before coming on here to announce they were going out, but it’s really not that big of deal. I know it will be difficult going through and setting everything up again, but it gives me a chance to think of different ways to set it up this time. And it gives me a project that I can do to pass the time. Looking forward to getting my new hub when it shows up.

I was only trying to suggest that if you weren’t av1 owner and wanted the bundle they might not give it to you. In your case I would contact support.

V2 is on backorder is there an ETA for when those are going to be in stock and shipped?

I think this is the only way to solve for this.

Restating what has been stated a hundred times here:

  • Backordered really doesn’t mean backordered. We have the product.
  • Pre-ordered Hubs from SmartThings’s shop are shipping now and will continue to ship as we move thru the list.
  • Orders made from the SmartThings Shop today will ship in 7-14 days
  • Amazon Pre-Orders still are not shipping. You have to work with Amazon on this.
  • Orders on Amazon today, even though they show months for an ETA will likely ship in the next few weeks.
  • Samsung Store: 7-14 days.

I am going to close this thread. For more comments about shipping, you can continue to post on this thread: