Discussion of ordering and fulfillment for the V2 hub and the new sensors

Just a place to discuss questions and issues with ordering and fulfillment of the new generation of SmartThings hardware: the V2 hub and the new sensors.

These are legitimate topics of discussion, but they are tending to hijack other technical threads. :sunglasses:


@JDRoberts good idea to make a new thread, was indeed getting a little crazy.
@schapper05 I would hold off on getting upset for right now. I ordered 2 hrs after they release the email about the offer for the discounted bundle for V1 owners. My order on ST says its backordered but others says ready for shipment however no one seems to have gotten any tracking number meaning nothing is shipped yet.
Often a company will ship units to an Amazon fulfillment center for Amazon to ship out but in your case ST might not use the fulfillment center and may just ship Amazon order directly from ST which would mostly likely mean you will get yours at the same time as everyone else. Hopefully this week everyone who pre-ordered early on will get a tracking number. As far as Amazon giving an estimated shipping date, ask any echo owners most got their pre-ordered Echo sooner then the date given by Amazon.
Today is Labor Day, get outside and cook some burgers!!
Ummmmmm wonder with the V2 hub if I can connect my iGrill to my hub via Bluetooth…

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So full of rage!!! My ridiculous demands are not being met!!! :wink:


I honestly don’t understand.

When I saw the announcement for pre-orders available on Amazon I went and checked it out. It was right there anticipated delivery 2-3 months. Which would be October or November respectively. So I came over to ST and it said anticipated delivery mid September. So I ordered it directly from ST.

Why all the hostility because it will be delivered right in line with the time frame given at the time of the preorder is beyond my comprehension. Given 5- 7 days for shipping , if they were indeed shipped out on the 10th and 11th and the rest this week they should start arriving by the 16th. Close enough to mid September for me. If Amazon is shipping by the end of September ( as some claim to have been told) than they will arrive in October just as it said when it was ordered.

@3one5 I’ve pre-ordered tons of items, they have always been available or shipped simultaneously with other stores Unless they specifically made a comment about getting it sooner on their own site.

In all seriousness, I am not “that” upset, it’s really only a minor inconvenience.

But saying that this is how all pre-orders go and throwing a definition of preorder has no context with how the term is been used in the last 10-15 years. I find Wikipedia’s definition fairly accurate at least in my experience. I’ve only ran into something like this one or two times before, It’s definitely not the norm. Not getting a product first defeats the purpose of the pre-order. And this is my Whole point. If you don’t want to honor a pre-order, don’t allow it.

Again, I am not full of rage, and this isn’t meant to be ‘hostile’. But there were numerous comments from @ben about how what amazon said for shipping wasn’t correct and completely arbitrary, and that amazon would start shipping this week.

@ajpri The hubs are coming from ST so if @Ben is saying they will be shipping sooner then what Amazon is telling you I would listen to @Ben

My order is still marked as backordered and I have not been charged. (Smartthing store customer appreciation bundle pre-ordered Aug 18th). I didn’t really expect anything until around the 15 of this month, so I am not part of the pitchfork crowd.

I ordered an Echo on Friday and it arrived on Sunday, I didn’t expect that, I basically ordered it to go with the new hub since I am tearing everything down and starting from scratch. Probably an advantage of living near a big amazon and logistics hub.

I have already removed some of the non-essential things from my current hub along with my homegrown stuff, but I do have a new thing built I am dying to try out, so I will be excited when it shows up. I am also looking for ideas on what to do with the old hub.


Ahh snap. Just got a notification on my iPhone from Apple pay that my Amex was charged by ST also the shipping state on ST is changed to “ready”!


I just got a notice from FedEx that my shipment will arrive Friday.


We’re happy to let you know that your SmartThings order is on the way! If you have any questions about your order, please email shop@SmartThings.com.

Thanks again for your support!

Shipping shows it was dropped off at the USPS facility almost 2 hours ago, at 2:44PM PST.

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Got my Email as well… Luckily, being from the Chicago area means Thursday Delivery! Sorry West-coasters…

Mine was selected as “Priority Mail - 3 Day” so I am assuming Friday for me as well.

So I am still waiting on the email. I’m on east coast. Maybe tomorrow.

Thursday it is!! Now the dread of re-pairing sets in

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That’s sort of the reason I’m not stressing over when mine arrives. I mean I want it to arrive I just don’t want to think about the work I need to do in order to move everything over.

Please somebody wake me up once you all get it! @smart is now in sleep mode! Zzzzz! Did you wake me up? No? Ok… Back to sleep mode… Send me a wake up notification/event please! Snoring! Am at 40% charge! So, don’t poll too frequently!

Yo… Who woke me up again? USPS is closed at this time. :frowning: 38% now…


My amazon order no longer has dates, it just says

Not yet shipped
We’ll email you when available.


They probably removed the dates so they could stop getting all the complaint calls and emails. " Smartthings said they would be shipped this week , but you still show mine as not shipping until ______________ "

Yes! Charged on 9/6. Shipped on 9/8. New Hub, new App.
Lots of whiteboarding for new design…

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@tyler and @ben finally must be so happy to get the clutter out of their basements and make room for the v3’s!

Clutter less basements are a bliss! :slight_smile: