Anyone order a new ST Hub from "The Smartest House"?

I got a message from Samsung about my v1 hub going end of life and I got a code to order a new one from “The Smartest House”. I got the hub in and the product appears to be used already. The box seal was already opened, the protective covering to the hub was sticking to the inside of the box and the bottom side of the hub has scratches.
Anyone else order from this place and get an open box / used unit???
I contacted their support and they only seem to care if the unit is damaged. They dont care that it was opened or used.

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Thanks for the tag @jkp!

Sorry to hear your hub didn’t arrive in perfect condition @bond007taz . We’re shipping them as received from the factory. These have never been opened or used on-site, there’s simply no time for it as we try to get as many of them out as possible every day! :slight_smile:
We have never sold this product before and have received no returns for it to date since we only started shipping them out on March 1st. It’s possible that the seals were broken during a factory audit, we’ll definitely communicate this to the manufacturer (Aeotec) and in the meantime, we’ll be happy to replace the hub for you, making sure we inspect the packaging thoroughly. Feel free to send us a message here if our support didn’t take care of that for you yet (we’ll always offer you an option to return or replace). Again, our apologies for the hassle here!


I see @TheSmartestHouse already replied but I can confirm that I received my hub in a unopened, factory sealed package. Surprisingly fast shipping too for a preorder. :+1:


when did you get your email? I’ve been looking for it.

I had a Nvidia Shield Link (and a V3 hub) and ordered the discounted hub from Smartest House. Thought I read where it was out of stock, but it arrived in about 3 days in a sealed package.

Honestly not sure why I ordered it as I have migrated most of my stuff to Hubitat, but at $35 it seemed like a good deal. Like when find a really good deal on cat food and buy it, even though you don’t have a cat.


March 1 was when I got the email about the coupon code to replace my V1

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All emails were sent by SmartThings on March 1st. If you changed your email in the meantime, they might have sent it to the wrong account. But if you have a V1 hub and haven’t heard from SmartThings, please get in touch with their support and they should provide you with a discount code. If they happen to refer you to our store, please let us know and we’ll communicate with ST directly to send you the code (we can’t verify eligibility and just fulfill the orders here).


My experience with them has also been less than ideal. I’ve been waiting for two weeks for a hub they shipped to me via USPS only to have USPS tell me today it’s been sent back to them because my address doesn’t exist (it does). Smartest House was kind enough to tell me they’ll reship it to me when they get it back. Seems they could just ship another one and keep the one that is being returned to them. Will definitely reconsider ordering from them again.

I’ve been very happy with their service in the past, as have many other community members. I think this is just a really unusual situation, with a lot of different moving factors and very high volume.

I know it’s really frustrating, but I would judge the smartest house on their regular shipments, and this upgrade transaction separately.

(I have no connection with smartthings, Aeotec, or the smartest house other than as a regular customer.)


this was my second order from TSH and it was good.


Sorry to hear you haven’t received the solution you were hoping for. We have different processed and policies in place that sometimes need to align with carrier policies but we’ll always go out of our way to accommodate you. So if you haven’t requested that the hub is shipped sooner to you yet, please send us a message and we can definitely get that going for you!

@bond007taz was your issue resolved with a return or replacement? Please send us a message here if it wasn’t and we’ll look into it right away. We received a confirmation from the factory that the issue was already addressed on their end and we’ve also implemented a process on our side to identify these units prior to shipment to avoid similar situations in the future.

As @JDRoberts pointed out, things will fall through the cracks when you’re trying to get as many shipments out as possible so once again, we’re very sorry that you were affected by this!


@TheSmartestHouse issue was resolved by the replacement. It was new and unopened. I was able to get it working just fine and I returned the one that was opened back to you. Thank you for checking in.