No stock? - Discontinued?

Stock of smartthings is almost impossible to find, Samsung have no stock at all and all products are unavailable on the website - I called (as suggested) and they have no information.
Does anyone know if Samsung have ditched smartthings? - I’m going to be very grumpy if so!

Same Convo here Samsung UK Store

Going to be easier soon will be able to buy from amazon

Everything is in stock online at currys

I have given up going direct to Samsung as they seem to be constantly out of stock. Either go to Currys or use other makes.

Everything is in stock at Currys/PC world after being recently restocked. So no it is not being discontinued.

SmartThings at Currys PC world

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Been to local Currys today and they didn’t have SS in stock despite their web site saying they do.

Same issue here…

Amazon?? Maybe

Just click and collect. SmartThings have given Currys stock. It’s up to Currys to send that stock to there shops.

Amazon says they’ll have stock on the 19th. I’ve pre-ordered from them yesterday.

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Depends on what you want they have military purpose and they are lower then 39.99. not much but I think 37. But also you don’t need Smartthings. I have more non bransmded Smartthings then i do branded.

They are changing the sales channels… Their own shop is always out of stock after flash sales.

I had to return a Faulty motion sensor ( they are rubbish - Seem to break every time I change the battery! Unlucky ) and returned for a replacement and they just refunded me instead of the replacement I’d asked for… prompting me to come here and checking my investment is not worthless. Luckily not it seems.

BUT still no motion sensors on Amazon preorder yet… just some of the other stuff. Maybe I’ll try the fibaro… though I know I am goign to be upset when it doesn’t have that Sauron Evil eye… how do they get away with advertising it like that?

I was more concerned that there was little stock about, I called samsung as
instructed on the website for “more information” and was told “We have no
information” - Which filled me with confidence…
Before investing in any more stuff, i want to see it back on shelves and
plenty of it.

Fair enough… But they are investing in the tech. The new Samsung TVs have smartthing build in… I think they need to market it better perhaps… and come up with some more solutions like actual wall sockets / light swithces rather than the add ons etc. .

Samsung customer support phonelines are terrible. Many different departments and no one knows the right things to say about the others… Smartthings has NO uk phone helpline and Samsung don’t know where to put it… computers? Mobile? Electronics/TV? Home appliances etc…

We have a small, plucky (but dashingly good looking) team in the UK… we don’t have phone coverage (yet) so sometimes the other Samsung phone agents get a bit confused.

More inventory, products, integrations, and awesomeness are coming soon. I am not sure why the Motion sensor isn’t queued up on Amazon for pre-order, but I will look into it.

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Aaron, for 12 months its been the same case. Very limited stock on samsung website & then when theres a flash sale, it goes out of stock in minutes. You keep saying more inventory, products etc and we keep waiting…

Very true, it’s almost as if you don’t want the product to be a success over here. Management seriously need to look into this.

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FYI, it’s not ranged in every Currys or PC World stores so if it’s not in stock in one, try another.

As they’re consolidating stores it’ll be in all dual format ones (that say Currys PC World over the door) on a pretty table somewhere near the door, but single brand stores don’t tend to range it as they’re all getting closed so there was no point fitting them out with the merch table.

Got email from Amazon today saying my pre-order won’t be delivered today as they didn’t receive stock. Went to Currys and they don’t have the stock either.

I know someone who owns a brewery - do you think I should put him on alert?

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I’ve taken the initiative to book a coach :slight_smile: could someone sort the invites out please?