How do I get the speaker companion smart app?

I’m aware that I can install smart apps in the web UI, for example by pasting code from github etc. However it is my understanding that the speaker companion is not a community thing but a smartthings thing, but it does not appear @

Enither in my app…

Could someone please tell me where i can pick it up? Thanks


Odd that you only have one item in your Add Smartapps section. What region are you in?

Not sure where I see what region I am in, but I live in Denmark so probably something like europe or north europe.

It is my understanding that Denmark isn’t yet “fully” supported (support personnel explained me) whatever that means.

So maybe that could be the reason?

most likely. I would not even expect SmartThings Home Monitor to be available in Europe at this point. I may be wrong on that. Hopefully someone from Europe can assist you. Do you have a UK hub or other?

I don’t know, It came with a european plug (not UK), it was bought in a physical retail eletronics store in Denmark, and i know for a fact that the hub and many other smartthings devices retails in a lot of physical stores and online store. Kind of strange that they are selling something that obviously isn’t ready :thinking:

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The SmartApps which are available are based on your region. The Speaker Companion SmartApp isn’t available for users in Denmark. It’s available for the following regions: Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Spain, and US.

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@Brad_ST, I am more and more confused about these regional limitations. You are not required to have a SmartThings hub now to connect some devices. Like the Shelly devices, which are sold world wide and has C2C connection. Or the Samsung Washers and Driers.
Why are some apps are limited to those regions? The SmartThings app has been released in all countries where Samsung sells products. Even translation is not limited by the app, but sometimes disastrous as nobody proof read them.
So what is the reason for the SmartApps being not available? Would the current setup limit users outside of these countries to add SmartApps manually?

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Okay, but it is available in Classic App. My AddSmartApp -section in new app is as empty as OP’s (I’m in Finland). Once installed in Classic, any SmartApp is usable in new app. Confusing, but things tend to be that way in SmartThings.


@rpuls, what is your main goal? What device do you want to control?
I can suggest BigTalker2 for devices which support mediaPlayer capacity and I have a mod for the new Sonos devices which support the audioNotification capability. You can install them through the IDE.

@Olli-Pekka_Kurppa what a great and useful tip! Thanks. I will try that right away…

@GSzabados Great, will check that one out. TBH I didn’t have a well defined issue that “speaker companion” would directly solve. It’s more like a situation where I feel lack of speaker related features in general, and since I’ve met the name “sepaker companion” many times it felt natural to try that out to see what if offers. For example I would like to have TTS read loud on multiple speakers in SYNC which is not possible just with the standard apps features. I have no clue whether speaker companion would be able to solve this, but i’m curious to find out.

ST is very new to me, and in general i’m extremely confused, there are so much documentation that just doesn’t make sense for one of many reason, either it’s meant for an older version of the classic app, or a newer version, or sometime the web interface, which in my case is not the same as some of you guys (probably also due to region), or its documentation for the new app, but the again certain buttons, menus, features are missing, again probably due to regional limitations. When reading community guides or watching youtube videos people are showing things and using terms that simple doesn’t exist in my universe :sweat_smile: its’ like i’m in some isolated bubble, only able to see through.

Regarding your wondering why these regional limitations. Coming from a world of software development I have a qualified guess… GDPR, privacy policy, legals, trademark, copyright and the list goes on… all these regulations that are in place to protect the consumer also puts a biiiiig burden on the consumer, stuff releases slower and becomes more expensive.

Can you share some screenshots what do you mean?


And the Sonos-mod

Please correct me if I’m wrong but I think there is a way to make spoken announcement in the new app directly. In automations you can (after setting your condition) choose an action named “Send notification to members” and there is “Read message aloud” or something like that. Mine is greyed out because I do not have Sonos etc. I do actually need this kind of functionality in my system too.
If I get cheapish Ikea Symfonisk speaker, will it behave 100% like Sonos in SmartThings?

@GSzabados it’s difficult to document the differences with screenshot as I do not have a side by side view with my version of the app and the web interface vs the non limited. But often when I read guides I come across steps that can’t be completed because certain buttons in missing from my UI.

@Olli-Pekka_Kurppa That is true, but I want this to happen in sync, just like when playing music from the sonos app, the music is perfectly synced across all speakers. Not the same is the case when it comes to the TTS notifications from the smartthings apps, then you have a whole bunch of voices talking over each other, at least that’s my experience so far. Thats one of the tings that I am trying to get around :wink:

Can you give some example. You might just have the perception that it is not there and your one is different, but meanwhile it has been removed ages ago.

I believe you will not be able to sync TTS with SmartThings as that is a proprietary function of those devices and TTS is not falling into that usecase when the sync is working. It issues the command one by one to the speakers separately, maybe if you would use Groul feature, but I have no idea is that really working well then. I’ve read some other topics where people told similar unsynced messages were all around when they used Alexa devices.

The first screenshot i posted speaks for it self, and Brad_ST confirms that this is due to regional limitations. Further more from my web IU i am missing a GitHub integration feature right nere
I’ve discussed in comment sections with some people on youtube and they all claim that it should be there until one suggested that i might be a wrong region.

Also, I was following some guide on how to install smart app “app store” into smartthings, and again i ran into steps that i could not complete because the described input fields and forms didn’t exist. In this case I wasn’t confirmed that that was due to regional limitations, this could probably be an old feature.

Also, was discussing in two other threads with some people here in the community about adding a tasmota flashed sonoff, everyone keeps telling me to enter the ip address of the device and choose the type, but in my add device > new device page, there are no way to enter ip address, and i did not have same device types available as some other people was mentioning. Someone told me to tap on the newly added device in the mobile app and that would let me enter the ip address, but no there is zero input fields.

:crossed_fingers: that they will soon do a full release in my region.

Could you do me a favor and tell me if this page looks the same for you? My Devices > New Device

If it looks different, would you please post a screenshot of how yours look. Thanks

The GitHub connection is not there in the UK (Eu-West1). Honestly, I’ve never used it.

But you can look here:

Yes, the add device page looks the same. And if you are trying to add the Device, then you first need to add the two custom Device Handlers first in the My Device Handler section on the top.

To add the IP, you need to edit the settings part and not the Device itself. Either click on the small edit link in the left column in the IDE device page, or in the app, when you look at the device click on the cog wheel and for the settings or the … in the top right and settings in the new app. If the settings is not there just click somewhere else and click again on the … on the top right and it will list the settings.

I know about the device handler, that was mentioned in the guide. So I added that,

Maybe the device handler is wrong or maybe I have added a device mistakenly, but I never got around to be able to enter ip anywhere. Maybe because I have chosen a wrong device type? Since there is no sonoff or tasmota device type, i chose “outlet”, that was the closet thing i could think of, and outlet is one of the capabilities in the device handler (among other). Or maybe I entered a wrong “network id” the device has multiple network identifiers, it has an ip, a public name, a mac address. I don’t know which of these smartthings considers the “network id” its not exactly self explanatory to me.

On the device page I don’t see a edit link in the left column, again this could be because i already messed up the device creation process…

not sure if you refer to the devices’ page or the device (list) page, neither of these view has edit link.

Same goes in the app, there is no edit cog btw, there is a three dot menu button which opens two options “edit” and “information” in edit view I can change name, location, room. nothing else, the information page is basically empty.

About the github integration. Ok thats just how it is… I use git every day and would definitly benefit a lot from having a personal cloud repository on a provider like github to do versioning on all of my device handlers and smart apps. I’ve already made a lot of changes to multiple of the ones i have copy pasted, would be nice with git history… also it seems pretty stone age to me to manually copy paste raw code when i could simple just fork a repo :joy:

You haven’t scrolled down to the bottom of the list. Self published custom DHs are there. Above that are alphabetical sorted ST provided device handlers.

When you selected the right DH then you will see where to edit, either in the IDE or the App.

I’ve thought you are using this DH.

Anyhow, you will find it on the bottom.

I actually prefer this firmware, DH and SmartApp for my Sonoff/ESP based devices.