Speaker Companion Smart App does not appear to me in New App

Does anyone knows why Speaker Companion App is not in the Smart Apps list in the New App for me? What can I do ?

I believe it is because it is region locked in the new app and not available in Mexico (I read your other post and that’s how I knew your country). Best advice - send a message to ST support and request they open it to other countries.

Same issue for smart lock guest access. It is region locked and limited to certain countries.

Grrrr,… Why to block apps for countries ?.. anyway, Its really strange because I have this App in Classic App now and its working …then why do not have it available in New App ? Seems to me a little bit ridiculous …

Only ST can answer that.

Yes it does

Again, contact ST and request they open it up

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You may also be able to change your region?