Smarthings v3 not found by android phone (Germany)

I just recently bought a smartthings v3 from the uk and using it in Germany. I connected the power and connected it to my router. Then with my phone smartthings app i search for it and it just is not found. Anyone else experience this or know the reason??

Your Samsung account will be German and you are trying to use a UK hub.

Sign up for a new Samsung Account while connected to a UK VPN service to get a UK Samsung account, then find your hub again using the UK details. Once it’s connected you don’t need the VPN anymore.


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really? just because my phone is registred in germany it rejects even finding the hub?

German Samsung servers can’t connect to the UK Samsung SmartThings IDE, they are on separate “Shards” (as SmartThings calls them).

And since SmartThings isn’t out in Germany you won’t be able to find any hubs (plus that hub will be locked to the UK Shard).


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“smartthings”. well thats me getting a refund then

I’m surprised the hub is even an option to add in your app. The new app is region locked and doesn’t show hubs not available in your country.


It’s a risk you take for buying overseas, especially when a product is available in many counties but not your own. I had the same thing when I purchased a US Alexa before they was out in the UK - many things didn’t work but I knew the risks.

It’s not really had to get around, also not really SmartThings “fault” - unless they advertised and sold it to you as working in Germany?


This has been noted in other Hub V3 threads but bears repeating: the UK Hub V3 is designed specifically for the UK market and complies to UK radio regulations. Running a UK Hub V3 in other countries is likely to be illegal. Running a hub in a country it was not designed for may cause radio issues for you and others near you. As pointed out above, it is a surprise that the hub is even available for you to add in the app if you have a German account.

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Not your phone not register in UK but your Samsung account.

Use a VPN service to UK and create the Samsung account will work.