Speaker companion not working

Don’t know what is going on but now speaker companion is not working with smartthings. Super annoying. When I add a custom task in the new SmartThings app the speaker will make an announcement but my phone will also send a notification which is really annoying for simple audio announcements.
When I add a speaker companion task in the old or new app nothing happens. I can’t even get the system to play the preview of the task.
Samsung please fix this! Why did this break? I’m guessing the last update broke speaker companion somehow. Guess I’ll just wait a million years for the right person to figure out that it is not working and fix it smh

Me too bud. Tried all the usual adding removing but still nothing. Can hear it beep when I hit play on smartthings seems to be speaker companion specifically.

I’m having the same problem with my Sonos Play 1 speakers. It used to work just fine. Were you able to find a fix? I contact Smartthings support and they say it works but my experience says otherwise. I removed my speakers from Smartthings, and the Sonos app, reloaded everything and still no luck. I can’t even get a preview on notifications either. SMH

Well I’m happy to report speaker companion is working again. I can’t comment on Sonos because I use the Samsung R1 speakers. Hopefully you can just use speaker companion for your Sonos speakers.