New to ST, missing "Routines", "Weather Station", "Hello Home" etc. :-(

I am quite new to ST, but have been using IFTTT, Stringify and other solutions for years.
I have been trying to accomplish various tasks with ST and seem to meet challenges all the time.

  • I am not able to create routines in the classic app (simply missing that option).
  • My scenes that rely on sunrise/sunset don’t work (from what I read, I am missing “Hello Home” and “Weather Station”)
  • In the new app, it is not possible to create an Automation, that triggers when I arrive at home. I am only able to trigger when I am home or when I am NOT home.

What is going on and am I doing something totally wrong?



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As part of transition to the new app, this was removed in the classic app starting in v.2.18 - once a user has no routines that panel vanishes - and no you can’t get it back. New users don’t get it at all. (They REALLY want you using New)

Before you go down that rabbit hole - those are for classic and I’m not entirely sure they matter anymore. Do you have your location set correctly? Newapp - main vertical three dot menu top right, Manage Location, Geolocation - if this isn’t correct anything that relies on geolocation won’t work. If that’s correct, you’ll likely need a ticket with support to fix the smartapp missing issue.

Set it up as AT home - it infers the change from not home to home as arrives at home and should fire the trigger at the change. (Mine does) I also added LocationMode is Away (I use modes EXTENSIVELY in my automations) so Mode is Away and Is at home happen concurrently - I change the LocationMode to Home (that capability to have a mode in both the condition and action - is new to the latest version of newapp)


Thank you for your answer @nathancu

I’m all about the new app, but not if it doesn’t work as expected :slight_smile:.

I have geolocation enabled and my address in the app is fine. My phone shows as PRESENT when I’m home and NOT PRESENT, when I’m away. Even though - my sunrise/sunset automations don’t work :frowning:.

If I use AT HOME, the Automations run emmediately, if I am home. I have an automation that is supposed to disarm my home alarm, when I arrive, but when I arm it in the morning (manually) before I leave home, it is emmidiately disarmed by ST.


Understandable - I have EXTENSIVE custom devices that about half don’t work in new yet - I’m currently bouncing back and forth between them. That said - Get used to New - It is the future version, try to use it’s features first else paint yourself in a corner.

For the Sunrise/Sunset issue - sounds like that’s a support ticket, unfortunately. I was reading the thread you mentioned and while tagging @Brad_ST is helpful - the supported way to get that kind of thing fixed is send an email to (Then if support borks the ticket - THEN call in Brad - we don’t want to overwhelm our helpful insider resources here.)

And finally the at home thing - that’s why I added AND Away. It only fires the automation if both conditions are met, and the first thing I do is set the mode to Home - therefore It’s not met anymore, creating a one time trigger for arrival.


Thanks again - I will try using the AWAY mode.

I actually already created a support ticket, but I live in Europe (Denmark) and it seems the support around here is not as efficient as the US one :-(.

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By the way - another thing.

I am not able to add any SmartApps in the new app. This has to be done through the classic app. Is that intentional, temporary or an error in my end?

You should be able to add smartapps in new and classic. I just added another instance of WebCore with NewApp this weekend, so I’d suspect you have an issue.

If you are referring to the list of SmartApps under “Add SmartApp”, those are available based on your region.

For example:

OK, thanks. But I have no SamrtApps at all available in the new app. Only ‘Smartthings Home Monitor’. Is that expected? Is there a list of available SamrtApps pr. region?

That could be expected. I am not aware of a list of available SmartApps by region.

Actually, this turns out to be a time interval problem in general - not just sunrise/sunset. If I manually create an interval, it also fails to run. Only if I set a secific run time, my Automations run.

If I use the SmartApp called SmartLighting (classic app) it works. Is there a problem with intervals in the new app?

Sounds like something is broken - you’re going to need support for that one.