New SmartThings App - Add SmartApp only show custom apps

The migration from Classic to New SmartThings App went okay with little problems, but I can’t figure out how to add new SmartApps configurations.

In the new smartthings-app, go to the menu at the top/left corner, select the SmartApps button, then tap the + button and the only SmartApps I see, are my own custom apps added long time ago.

Where are all the other default apps previously available in Classic?


Which apps are you missing?

Some of the cloud-to-cloud integrations are located in menu > settings > linked services.

If you are missing other apps, you should contact ST support. It could be a sync issue, mismatched account issue or other.

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The Classic and new apps handle the country/region that users are located in differently. For the Classic app, the globe is essentially divided into three sections similar to the International Telecommunication Union regions. As Samsung has a worldwide presence, the availability of devices, SmartApps, and features is restricted much more granularly. This helps curate more relevant experiences in addition to assisting with things such as compliance to local regulations.

The overwhelming majority of Classic users won’t notice a difference while a small subset of users might notice a different set of SmartApps available for installation. Most of these users are located outside of areas where the SmartThings v2 (2015) Hub was released which was limited to the UK/Ireland and Canada/USA.


Thanks for you reply @jkp.
There was one called Smart Lighting, but I can’t really remember the names anymore.
One missing it a “button controller” where I can add a button-device and tell what should happen when e.g. button 2 is pressed.

I am able to ad a new Automation, but it will only take events from the first button, not the remaining buttons the device have.


Hi @Brad_ST, I am not asking for much, but either something in the migration went wrong, or ST has become useless :slight_smile: Surely there must be some apps available - even in Denmark, right?


Probably not. As @Brad_ST described, where the v2 Hub was released. Denmark wasn’t on the list. V3 has been released under the Samsung era, by the Samsung accounts’ country limitations and Samsung’s extremely bad product support. It is like a fire and forget weapon. Fire the product and forget to support it beyond what is the interest of the company.
Smartthings was never like this, but things are driven by the mother company more and more.


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Same in Finland, no smart apps available at all. Luckily those I had installed from classic app are still functional.
This un-equality is just stupid. If I make a decision to move another hub/ecosystem, these pointless regional limitations is one of biggest reasons.
What are the local regulations in Nordic countries that could possibly limit or prohibit my usage of any ST smart apps? I really want to know!
Correction: I have one smart app available, ST Clothing Care beta. Yippee…

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Thanks @Olli-Pekka_Kurppa, I agree, it does not make sense :slight_smile:
Also, why was it available in Classic, but not now.
I guess it is time to move to another system.

Thanks @GSzabados - it sounds like a joke, except that it is not :frowning: So we, who were on in the early days, we are now punished, that’s great :slight_smile: :grinning:

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It could be worse, you could have a partner from another region, and you couldn’t share your SmartThings home with the partner. :smiley:

Even more great :- :rofl:

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Which button-device are you using? Does the app register when button 2 is pressed? It sounds like it is either a sync issue or device handler issue.

Also -

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I must chime in to say Asia Pacific is being treated the same and there is zero smartapp available, I don’t quite understand except if there is some copyright issue with the code, the only good thing is I can still publish custom smartapp or device handler, which I don’t know if it is going away soon

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Hi @Brad_ST, I have different button devices and the problem is not that they don’t work, but there are no apps available in the new smartthings app where is is possible to select what button that should trigger the event.

Back with the Classic app, I could select what should happen if button one was clicked and so forth, now I can only select Pressed, Double Pressed, Held and similar choices, not anything about which button.

It sounds like the device handler you are using for your buttons is identifying multiple buttons using ‘buttonNumber’ in the event data. A number of legacy apps such as Smart Lighting and webCoRE can handle that approach, which was also used for multiple presses of single buttons, but it isn’t an approach that works with new integrations such as Automations. The current approach is to use composite devices where each button is a separate device. New integrations address the buttons as components while legacy apps can see separate devices.

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Thanks @orangebucket, I get it.
So I have to select another device drivers for my button devices in order to have each button registered separately?



Never really noticed anything until today, but apparently, my account is set up for Tuvalu(?) as opposed to my US residency.

As such, I find nothing in my SmartApps other than my custom apps via GitHub.

In attempting to change it via my samsung account… well… it is not changeable.

Any ideas? I did send an email to support, but…

@Jason_Meudt, you should create your own post to get more attentions, I think…

Just wanted to confirm that this is real and completely stupid. I’m “locked out” in EU region. Without adding the apps via the GoodOLD SmartThings app (back then a long time ago). I wouldn’t even know that there’s an app like smartLighting or similar.

Anyway, thank you Samsung for offering me exactly just one ONE app. SmartThings Clothing care… RudeWordAndGesturePlaceholder

This is 101 on how NOT to run a community based ecosystem

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Same here living in Sweden… really frustrating that I hear that dimmer features (from physical dimmers) should be available in the “Smart Lightning” app becuase the basic functionality is just beyond terrible where you only can match a button click to a fix dim level. Seems like extremely basic thing to allow light controllers to increase and decrease lights using a +/- buttons or a wheel, or did I miss something? (that it can be done without an awfull amount of automations)

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