How do I get the speaker companion smart app?

If you haven’t forked, but used the developer’s repo, then you would see how the layout would change completely from one day to another.
Actually that is happening with the new ST UX plugins. One day the temperature history was showing up as a line graph, next day it was a bar graph. A few days later it is just crashing the app when you try to open… (And this is only ST tweaking the UX plugin for temperature/humidity/power history. And you cannot fork it. ;))

You might want to look at the Automations for Speaker Group announcements on your speakers. That has been released with the previous/current version of the new App.

First of all, thanks a lot for all your time and patience… You were absolutly correct, I did not scroll to the bottom, i hit “t” on my keyboard when the dropdown was open and was taken to the devices starting with t, and there were no tasmota. Never would have guessed that it would be all the way down at the bottom.

I might try the other firmware and app that you are referring to. Im not super happy with the current one, although I like tasmota a lot…

Regarding the “Speaker Group” thing you are mentioning, how do I create a speaker group? I have two sonos speaker are they compatible for groups? Just got the update 6 hours ago and I am able to select both speakers and they are reading text in almost perfect sync which is great.

On the main screen of the new app top right + icon. And it should list there speaker groups.

I only see light groups. And I am sure my app is up to date. So maybe it’s a regional limitation, or it doesn’t show up because I don’t have any added speakers that are compatible for grouping.

Have you updated recently, I mean today or yesterday? It seems to be not there anymore. But was with the previous version.

The Speaker Companion is available in my smartthings app in Norway. Should be in Denmark also

New or classic app? I still don’t see anything else than the SmartThings Home Monitor

In the Classic app. Open the app. Go to Marketplace - smartapps and choose Music & Sounds

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Anyone knows why Speaker Companion Smart App does not appear in the New App ?

It may be region locked meaning it is not available in all regions.

Just to check, you are clicking + in the upper right of the dashboard and selecting smartapp?

Yes my friend, the only Smart Apps I can see are (names could be not exactly because Im translating from Spanish): Home Care Wizard (Samsung), Door Automatic Lock Improved (Arnaud), SmartLighting (SmartThings), Color Coordinator (Michael Struck), Nice Temperature (SmartThings), Thermostat Modes Director (Tim Slagle), Door Caller ( and in Personalized section: ADT Tools 2 (Mavrrick) (migrated from Classic App). By the way Im in Mexico, I can see it in Classic App, I have made a lot of Smart Apps with it to chime the Aeotec Siren in different ways when several actions are done.

Me neither, In Classic App Speaker Companion appears and is useful but there is not in Smart Apps list in New App…?!?

Thanks Brad, I am in Mexico, but Speaker Companion App its now available for my Classic App, I am using it, but I cannot find it in New App, are there 2 different Speaker Companion apps?, one for Classic App (available in Mex) and One for New one ? (not available in Mex)?.. If is that so, how New App solve the requirement to use a speaker to chime ?

The Classic app isn’t region restricted in the same ways as the new app as the Classic app was really intended for US, Canada, and UK.

What?!? :persevere:ups… New App displays the Smart Apps generated by Speaker Companion Smart App in Classic App and I can configure them, I will set up a couple of “dummies” Speaker Companion Smart Apps in Classic App, before it disappears, in order to set up new chimes in the future additional that ones that are current working.

Do you still use speaker companion, Carlos? I liked it as I could change the voices, but I’m limited to just one speaker and I cannot give them a title, it just says “speaker companion” under smart apps.


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Hi my friend. Yes Im still using it. I think every new child app is just for one device-one sound-one trigger. If you enter in the new app-Automations-SmartApps you will find yout Speaker Companion SmartApp children, if you enter to one of them, scroll to the bottom of the setting and you will find the child name, you can change it.

Now I cannot acces to Speaker Companion app anymore, but lucky of me I added some dummy childs before Old App dissapear, I have now a couple children “in stock” if I need them in the future.

Thank you, Carlos.

The “speaker companion’s” I created in the old app, I already use for what i need. I don’t have any additional ones I can play around with.

Have you tried “speaker notify with sound”? I like the functionality of it (I can choose all my sonos speakers to play the audio at the same time). It lives in “custom monitors” though and doesn’t show up in routines when I select a device, which is a shame.


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I had never tried that app, is it for smart speakers only ? Like Sonos ?. I use Aeotec Siren 6 and Kevin Laframboise DTH… For speaking notices I had set Voice Monkey skill in Sharptools to make my Alexa echo dots speakers announce Smartthings events, and its working great !..

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