SmartApps not showing in IOS

Hi! Im new to smartthings and trying to set up my “smart home” :slight_smile: Ive got an Aeotec Smartthings Hub and all seems to work ok. But then I added my wifes account and tried to add here as a member. The app stated that this did not work since we were not in the same region. I then reported this to samsung support and they move my account to the same region. (I was in US somehow) So now we are both in Europe West.

But then I noticed that all my previous smartapps that I could install via the app was not showing anymore. I specially were looking for the Speaker Companion to play sounds on my wifi speakers.

Could this be due to Region change? Or other bug?
If i swap back to US region what could that affect when not living in US?

Most likely the region change?

Where are you from? Where do you get the Europe West?

This region thing is one of the most discriminative features what Samsung has introduced. It is absolutely related to your accounts region settings what should be really your home country.

Most cases when someone asked for a region change the whole account had to be wiped out to set to another region. And SmartApps has regional locks as well.

Absolutely due to the region change. Some smartapps are region locked.

What if you change back.

Well, you probably won’t be able to. The only reason they changed your account away from US to Europe is because yours was incorrect. I strongly suspect they have an internal data sovereignty rule prohibiting going thr other way (back to the US) if you’re in Europe now. Yes, its a maddening thing to explain about cloud computing to non IT types, data sovereignty is a big BIG deal because of privacy law.

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I think you can make a new Samsung account through a browser for any region. You might need to use a VPN for IP change, but I recall if you do it through Samsung regional sites it allows it as well.

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