[Release] BigTalker 2.x

Yes! This! I’ve been pulling my hair out.

Same here.

I opened case with Samsung on this. They are looking into it, said they’ll get back with me, sounds like they know what the issue is.

As a workaround, I’m using Speaker Companion to announce the main doors/windows. Definitely not the same as BigTalker but it will give me a notifications, while I wait for a solution.

Is Bigtalker being maintained? Will it be updated to use the new DTH ‘LAN Sonos Websocket’?

Just checking in on this again. Is the code updated to work with the new Webcore device for Sonos? Are you going to continue to develop BigTalker?

Either way - thanks very much for all you’ve done!!


I’ve made an update to the code for myself to be utilized with the new Sonos LAN Websocket DH. Until the author, @rayzurbock will update the original code, please give a try to my modification.

Here is the link to it:

PS.: It is not containing any update for any weather API changes, what I guess it has missed during the year.

@the_stranger, @wspies721, @LazyInDFW, @mrsmartypants , @jasonrwise77, @BatraD, @denicePete (for @denicePete only: the code allows only a single instance of the BigTalker2, but this has a different name, so you can install it for a Sonos and not for a Speech Synthesis device.)


thanks. i only have sonos and a single instance of BigTalker

Will give it a try

That message was for @denicePete at the end.

installed both the parent and child code (overwrote the original apps).

changed the SONOS devices to LAN Sonos Player Websocket
I can control my speakers using Action Tiles tiles

EDIT: Deleted the old app settings and started fresh and now i get notifications :smiley:
Family is happy (especially the dog that listens for events when we are not home )

Thanks for publishing the updated app

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Sorry, I should mention. Install it separately. Do not overwrite. You need to set up the notification again.

Thank @GSzabados. One clarifying question. You said install separetly do not overwrite. So I would need both bigtalker2 and bigtalker2-SonosMode. Before I saw this I over wrote the code and I see my sonos speaker in bigtalker but I don’t hear anything coming from my sonos. Is there additional steps that I am missing.

  1. updated bigtalker2 code with sonosmod
  2. removed bigtalker2 and added it back in my smartthings app
  3. added back my alerts

I use VLC now and I didn’t have to configure any special messages it just read the default, I am assuming sonos is the same?

This Sonos mod is for the new Sonos LAN Websocket DH, which hasn’t got anymore the musicPlayer capability. As I understood you wanted to use a speech synthesizer device and a Sonos?

If you keep the old one that can be used with the speech synthesizer, the second one (SonosMod) together with the new Sonos.

Clear as mud? If I misunderstood your original problem please revert back with details.

Any other case for anybody who intends to use the Sonos mod. Just add the Smartapp to your ide, don’t overwrite the original BigTalker2. You can keep in untouched.

In the Smartthings Classic app add the new Smartapp, BigTalker2-SonosMod. That will work with the new Sonos LAN Websocket DH. The original BigTalker2 can still be used with any other device which supports musicPlayer capability.

Ok that makes sense. Do you know if I need to do anything special to my sonos set up? I do not hear anything coming from my sonos even though in the the app it says bigtalker is sending it messages?

@denicePete Have you updated to the new DH? Is it already using the new LAN Websocket DH? The SonosMod would let you to select it as a speaker for Audio Notification as that is how the new capability called. I would remove the SmartApps completely from the mobile app and from the IDE then I would add them again from scratch. Both the original and SonosMod can be added to the IDE and after to the mobile app. Need to define the notifications again. If it is still not working, then have a look into the live logging. Maybe you will see their an error message.

@GSzabados Just to confirm. No device handler needed for my sonos right? I have device handler for my VLC but nothing for my sonos.

My sonos is set up with the new Sonos LAN websock, I see the message from your app getting sent to sonos with no error, I can play music through my sonos using the smartthings app. I must be missing something with the speak to text part of sonos?

@denicePete, No change required with your Sonos, the DH is the new LAN Websocket. The SonosMod offers you to be selecte,d then everything has been set up correctly there. I have tested with my Sonos, and worked fine. What volumes have you defined for the notifications?
When I installed the SonosMod, I defined the volumes 30% and 50%, anyhow it can be changed later too. Then defined the notification and triggered it for testing.

@rayzurbock , @GSzabados
Thank you for your great job !! Any chance to add events based on Battery .
I want Alexa to alert me when batteries of my sensors are less than X%. Can you please add…
Shai Dotan

If anyone is having trouble getting BigTalker 2 set-up or would like to see BigTalker 2 used with Echo Speaks I made a video on how to do both!

I still have no sound coming from Sonos, others have said the same. As others have replied here, the Sonos speakers are now showing with Audio Notifications. The app can be configured for defaults and then add

Have you been able to resolve this? If so, how?