FAQ: Will my zigbee/zwave sensors work with the new ADT/SmartThings security hub? Can I use the new dual logo sensors with the original SmartThings hub?

This question turns out to be more complicated then you would think. The new ADT/SmartThings security panel has two separate control silos, one for triggering calls to the ADT monitoring center and one for home automation rules.

Only the new devices which have both the ADT logo and the SmartThings logo on the box can be used with the new ADT/SmartThings security panel to trigger alerts to the ADT monitoring center. And those are the only devices that can trigger those alerts. Those devices are not using zwave. They are not using zigbee. They use their own proprietary protocol.

However, if you just want to set up home automation rules like turn the entryway light on if the contact sensor on the front door opens after sunset, then the new sensors will show up on your list of sensors when you create your home automation rules and you can use them individually that way. Plus you can use most of the devices that work with the original Samsung SmartThings hub with the new panel, but you only be able to use them on the home automation side. Not for triggering calls to the ADT monitoring center.

Also the cellular functionality can only be used for the ADT security alerts to the monitoring center. It cannot be used in home automation rules or for calls to other numbers or without paying for professional monitoring. :disappointed_relieved:

And you cannot use ADT sensors from any other ADT system with the panel, or use the new sensors that have both the ADT logo and the SmartThings logo with any other ADT system. The new sensors also cannot be used with any of the other smartthings hubs such as the Samsung smartthings hub V2 or the Samsung connect or the Nvidia shield link. Those devices will not have the necessary radio to talk with the new sensors.

So the only thing that can use the new ADT/smartthings security panel to trigger a call to an ADT monitoring sensor is the new devices that have both the ADT logo and the SmartThings logo on the box. That’s it. And those sensors can only be used with this new panel. But you can use other devices that work with SmartThings, including zwave or zigbee home automation devices (ZHA), in home automation rules controlled by the new panel.

I know that’s really complicated, it’s just the way they designed the system. But it’s why the “works with?” question is hard to answer. Your other sensors will work with the new panel the exact same way they work with your old hub, in home automation rules. But they won’t work to trigger the new ADT monitoring capabilities.

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