Samsung Smartthings ADT alarm system startup kit questions about compatibility

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I was wondering if anyone can help me with a question please. I am thinking of buying this system but would like to know if this can be compatible with the following; Ring Doorbell 2, Trane thermostats, MyQ garage door, Schlage door handles and they are all z-wave products? Also do you think that the window and door (zwave sensors) I have now would work with the ADT panel? Thank you all for your help.


The answer to this turns out to be complicated, because they aren’t going to work the way you might think.

The new panel has two separate control silos, one for security and one for home automation. Most of your Z Wave products will be able to work in home automation rules with the new panel. But you can’t use them to trigger calls to the ADT monitoring center-- that functionality only works with a brand new devices designed specifically for that panel.

See the following (this is a clickable link)

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The easiest way to know what is compatible from a “SmartThings” perspective is to look at our Works with SmartThings device page. Whenever we release a hub product you can expect us to make sure that all devices that are on this page will continue to work with all of our hubs. You can find that list here:

Keep in mind there are some exceptions, but from the list you provided I don’t think there are in this case. Some are on this list and some are not.

As for the ones that aren’t. You can continue to use custom integrations like any other SmartThings hub. Saying that, you should do so are your own risk as custom integrations come with no guarantees from us.

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Sure, but with regard to the new ADT panel, the problem is this:

Also do you think that the window and door (zwave sensors) I have now would work with the ADT panel?

The zwave sensors should “work with” the new ADT panel—but only in home automation rules. They will not be able to trigger calls to the ADT monitoring center, only the new ADT logo devices can do that. So it’s no longer as simple as finding a device on the official “works with Smartthings” list, you need to find out how the person wants to use it. :sunglasses:

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Thank you for the info