ADT Remote Key Fob F-ADT-KEY-1

I searched the forum but I couldn’t find anything related to the ADT key fob, after reading the FCC filing it’s on the 900 megahertz spectrum which should fall under Z-Wave I believe but the SmartThings app doesn’t have a way to pair with it. Does anyone have any ideas?

It also says “works with SmartThings”

900 is not zwave. 908 is Zwave.

The dual logo ADT/SmartThings key fob, like all the other dual logo devices except the leak sensor, is using a proprietary frequency which will only work with the ADT smartthings panel. It will not work with any other model hub. ( they don’t have a matching radio.) And you will only be able to use it to trigger the security features of the ADT/SmartThings panel. But it works well for that. :sunglasses:

Sorry 904-922mhz
So it will only work with the ADT branded SmartThings hub? Or will it work with SmartThings v3 hub?
Thank you for your response btw

It’s still not Zwave. It’s a proprietary protocol developed for this specific device.

It will not work with the V3 hub or the smartthings Wi-Fi hub or any other hub except for the smartthings/ADT hub. Model F-ADT-HUB-1. That’s the only one that has the right radio.

That hub has multiple radios in it. It has a Z wave radio. It has a zigbee radio. It has a Wi-Fi radio. It has the special proprietary radio.

The keyfob remote only has one radio, the special proprietary one. That’s why it won’t work with any other models.

Please read the following two threads. The first thread is the FAQ about the dual logo devices. The second thread is the discussion thread where people who have the ADT devices are talking about them.

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Discussion thread

Thank you
I assumed the key fob and the CO detector would work since the leak detector does, but it appears the ADT SmartThings devices that have a qr code to pair setup wont work.

Well, you can ask in the discussion thread where people who actually have the kit will be able to answer.