ADT Devices on ST

I apologize for a newbie question, but when we bought our house, it had a ADT system installed (Numerous door contacts, smoke detectors, etc.). We did not want to subscribe to ADT and did not have the code to get into the control panel, so we purchased a SmartThings hub and have been installing devices.

Is there any way to use the ADT smoke detectors or other devices with SmartThings. I am not wanting ADT to monitor our system, but it would be nice to use the devices that came with our home. I haven’t had time to try to enter the 9,999 combinations of access code into the ADT hub.

Any ideas or guidance would be appreciated.

are they wired or wireless?

All wireless. I think the ADT hub was also a Z-Wave hub, but without the code, it was unusable.

Can you tell if its an ADT Pulse hub? Any model numbers on the wireless devices?

I will look when I get home for sure. It was the one with the pretty color touch screen, but I cannot remember the model

The devices are 2Gig branded, GC3. The hub is a 2GIG-GC3-345 and a smoke detector is a Model 2GIG-GB1-345.

Thank you – Kelly

That looks an awful lot like the ADT Smartthing Security panel. What does the display look like.

That Smoke detector model number you mentioned isn’t a smoke detector from what i get with a google search. It looks like a glass break sensor.

if it is the you should be able to do a factory recent. Then you would have full control and you could use it as a unmonitored system.

That is what the ADT Smartthings panel will look like when setup.

As i understand it that 2G panel is used by allot of other companies as well, so i could be completely off. The process to do a full reset though shouldn’t be hard to find though.

Directions for restting hub to factory defaults

You may be able to use these on your system to reset it.

Thank you very much. For some reason, the custom lockout code survives the factory reset I performed earlier. Your instructions seem more in-depth than the process I used previously, so I will try that (hopefully). Again, I appreciate your post.

Same case, different internals. Nortek ( The parent company) uses the same case and a similar UI for many different models.

It will not be possible to use that model of the panel device as a substitute for the SmartThings/ADT panel, but you may be able to use individual Z wave devices.

You’ll just have to go through device by device and check the model numbers (again, you can’t go just by what it looks like).

Thank you. Would it be be better to purchase an ADT/Smartthings hub to use the ADT devices in our environment? I am not wanting a monitored system, but would like to use the various detectors that came with the house.

Unfortunately, the devices are unlikely to be compatible. The SmartThings/ADT security panel is a proprietary communication protocol which only works with its own dual logo sensors. Not sensors from other ADT systems.

There are really only two ways to reuse existing sensors. First, if they happen to be Z wave, those are easy: you just reset and then add them to your SmartThings account. If they’re wired, you can use Konnected. But otherwise, it’s like having a system that plays DVDs and finding a stack of old vinyl records. They are just two different technologies.

The following FAQ has more details (this is a clickable link)

Thank you. I do appreciate your response. The devices are wireless, so it is worth trying. If we cannot use them it’s okay, but just experimenting. Appreciate all the responses!!

You’ll need the model numbers of each device. This may be inside the battery compartment. If you can’t find the model number, look for the FCC license number.

Well my hope was that even though branded differently the reset procedures would possibly still apply. When I was looking at my ADT security panel the unit is seem very modular. I would think the main brains are similar between units and then the additional modules are the variance.

Either way it sounds like the reset she did already didn’t work so it may require professional intervention to get access.

The ADT Smart Panel could be a drop in replacement to the panel she has and could then be self monitored, but that adds a bunch of other issues.

Won’t work: they literally communicate on different frequencies. The radios inside are different. So they are not interchangeable even though they use the same outer case.

However, both have a Z wave radio in addition to the primary sensor control radio, so if the OP has zwave sensors, they might be able to work with either. That’s why we need the Exact model numbers of the sensors.

My point was about power and just replacing the head unit. That is why I added the bit about “a bunch of other issues”. They could just unscrew the bottom mount cover screw remove the current panel and then remove the same from an ADT Smartthings panel and install it on the wall mount. May need to do a little something for power as well but should be easy to just drop it in. Then all door window and motion sensor that are proprietary to the existing unit would need to be replaced with dual branded adt/smartthings ones.

The real question is how much of the gear is z-wave or zigbee. That stuff can be reused for sure, but anything that isn’t will likely just be paperweights

Think the paperweight is accurate!! Most of the sensors are 345mhz and although the hub has z-wave, I can’t get into it. Thank you everyone for your responses.


Your zwave sensors should be able to be reset and then joined to the smartthings hub. As I said earlier you could also return the smartthings hub and pick up the ADT Smarthings Panel. That can be use as a unmonitored system if you want. And should be able to directly replace the panel you have. Only catch would be you would need to replace all your door window sensors and the motion sensors atleast. I would suggest you contact a professional installer. I dont see why any system shouldn’t be avaliable as a unmonitored solution.

The door sensors were o down to 10$ recently. But still