ADT SmartThing with 3rd Party Sensors/Controllers

First time on, so apologies if I’m repeating a post I couldn’t find.

I’ve recently installed an ADT SmartThings Hub and was successful in linking in 3rd Party Smoke&CO2 Sensors, a Door Lock and a Garage Door Controller. As well, through Konnected, was able to link in my old hardwired sensors.

The challenge I have is that the ADT Panel only seems to show the ADT Sensors for Stay, Away and Disarm. I’m I actually going to be restricted at the panel application level from using my other successfully connected devices? Or am I missing a setting somewhere?

I know with a proper ADT system, they provide the option for what I understand are the same Door Lock and Garage Door Controller. So I don’t understand why it would be restricted through the ADT SmartThings Hub DIY approach.


Looks like you missed the following FAQ, but the short answer is that only the dual logo smartthings/ADT sensors can trigger a call to the ADT monitoring center. They use a proprietary protocol which is not even on the same radio frequency as anything else that works with SmartThings. The user manual for your hub refers throughout to “ADT sensors.” Those are the ones they mean.

So you can use your other third-party devices in Home Automation rules, but you cannot use them to trigger the security features of the ADT model hub. ( The topic title is a clickable link)


BTW, The garage door controller and smart lock in the regular ADT system work the same way. They are in the “ADT pulse” category. They can send you a phone notification but they cannot actually trigger a call to the monitoring center. You have to put a separate security class sensor on the door if you want that as part of your professionally monitored system.

That’s probably because the smart locks and the garage controllers and the third-party sensors are all using a mesh topology which is not UL approved for security.

So far the only mesh topology approved for security is the new Z wave S2 standard, and very few devices use that yet. ( none of the smartthings hubs do as yet) The new ring alarm system does, but it’s One of the few.

So many security systems will let you use zwave or zigbee devices to trigger sending a push notification to the homeowner, but not an alert to the professional monitoring center. Too many false alarms.

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