ADT Smartthings Security Hub

I purchased a ADT Smartthings Security Hub and was told that my old devices would be able to work with the system. However, it appears when I want to arm my system, I am only seeing ADT devices/ sensors. Is there a way to add my other devices/ sensors, otherwise this system is useless to me.

Your old devices can work with the new system as far as home automation rules, but unfortunately for reliability reasons only the new dual logo ADT’s sensors can trigger alerts to the ADT monitoring center.

See the FAQ (this is a clickable link)

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yeah, its kind of vague, but this FAQ on the official support page addresses this


Ok, thanks. It would have made more sense if non-adt sensors could still trigger calls to the monitoring center. That’s basically why I purchased it. So I guess I will have to return it, which sucks because I really wanted control panel. Do you know if the Best Buy security system Vivint, is compatible with SmartThings products? Probably not, but worth a shot.

What is your main reason for a “Control Panel”?

  • The IRIS keypad works really well with SmartThings to arm/disarm Smart Home Monitor; but has no display of open windows or whatever.

  • ActionTiles is popular, affordable, sleek and high-tech, and has a PIN protection option for the SHM Arm/Disarm function; or on any Tile such as a Virtual Switch or Routine which can toggle a WebCoRE Piston or home Mode or any other action, such as lock/unlock doors…

So action tiles is an app that you can put on your IPAD, or do you need something else?


Anything with a web browser

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It’s a “web-app” (load-at-once web page) that runs on anything except really old browsers. iPad Gen 1, for example, … no good.

The $28.99 License includes unlimited concurrent Tablets, Phones, etc… Some folks re-purpose their “old” replaced cell phone, for example. Others love Amazon Fire 7", 8" and 10" tablets, 'cuz those are bargains for larger sized displays; though the extra swipe to get past the lock screen is something we can’t fix … but can be avoided with a little effort.

4.9-Stars on our Facebook Reviews page :wink:

There’s a fair amount of discussion about why it might be a bad idea (from ADT’s perspective at least) in the thread JD linked to.

I am looking at the Security Hub bundle. Does anyone know if the ADT motion sensors work with small dogs (under 25 lbs) in the home? I have used ecolink pet immune sensors in the rooms the dogs can access but I won’t have that option with ADT monitoring.

Support will claim they are pet friendly. I asked them.

I have yet to really give it a try but I kind of doubt it. The reason is that I have see allot of activities on the motion sensor when no one is home but the dogs.

I know that doesn’t really help much with your question, but it is what I have experienced. The saving grace may be if it handles motion a little bit different when armed in armed/away mode.

This is why in my setup I have perimeter protection instead of using motion sensors. Every door and window has a sensor so if anything is open the alarm goes off.