[Edge Driver] Hue Motion Sensor (No Hue Bridge)

I made an Edge Driver for “Hue Motion Sensor”


This is a port of the well known DTH by @bogdanalexe90
Hue motion sensor (use ST hub, but no hue bridge) - Devices & Integrations / Community Created Device Types - SmartThings Community
ConfigureReporting values are adapted from the DTH.

You can install the driver to your SmartThings Hub with the Invitation link that I’ve created.

Click Invitation Link → Enroll your ST hub → Goto Available Drivers → Install Hue Dimmer Switch driver → Pair your device

These two preferences are implemented in the Edge Driver:

  • Temperature Offset : applied when next temperature packet is sent from the device.
  • Motion Sensitivity : Low/Medium/High. default value is High.

Also, I uploaded the source code of the Edge Driver to my github, for anyone who are interested.

There’s a quirk in the source code to avoid the error of the ST library.


Hi, I have the outdoor sensor and can se in your github that fingerprint.yml list device as


  • id: hue-motion-sensor
    deviceLabel: Hue Motion Sensor
    manufacturer: Philips
    model: SML001
    deviceProfileName: hue-motion-sensor

while the outdoor sensor is SML002.

Are you planing on releasing a driver for the outdoor sensor as well?

I don’t have the SML002 sensor, but, it seems that their packets are identical, by the source code of zigbee2mqtt.
zigbee-herdsman-converters/philips.js at master · Koenkk/zigbee-herdsman-converters (github.com)

I’ve just added the fingerprint of SML002, without changing the other part of the code.
It will take some time to be applied.


You where fast! :slight_smile: I downloaded your code and did the change as well in a new folder structure. ST-Edge-Driver/hue-outdoor-sensor at master · mogafaga/ST-Edge-Driver · GitHub

But I don’t have a channel to publish to. Maybe you can publish it to your channel and i can test it.

Or will this code be published to your channel and in that case will it work with dual id in fingerprints file?

I’ve already published to my channel before the first reply.
Like DTH, edge driver can have multiple fingerprints in fingerprints.yaml file.

ST-Edge-Driver/fingerprints.yml at master · iquix/ST-Edge-Driver (github.com)

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Thanks I will try it out!

Works perfectly so far. I had some problems with lost connection on the old DHT driver and will report back if I have any problems. Thanks and god work!

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Do you want to port my hue button DTH as well?

I am using SmartThings WiFi, so I can’t try to port it yet due to the hub firmware being different.

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It seems that it will work with the built in zigbee-button local dth.

But does it support the held action?
The old default DTH did not, that’s why I wrote mine as it requires a workaround specific to this model.

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Uh… I’m sorry.

Long press start packet seems different from the built in zigbee-button.

You can refer to my Edge Driver source code for IKEA Shortcut Button, which is also Non-IAS button.

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