[OBSOLETE] Hue motion sensor (use ST hub, but no hue bridge)

Hue motion sensor (for SmartThings integration, no Hue bridge)

Inspired by [BETA] Hue Motion Sensor (beta) (no hue bridge) and the original smartthings motion sensor

Very snappy, works better than original smartthings motion sensor (even if the DTH runs in the cloud) having no delay or sleep time for reporting the motion events.

Also you can configure the following:

  • Motion sensitivity (Low, Medium, High). Default is High

It’s accurate and reported in time. You can also correct the readings by configuring an offset.

It’s accurate and reported in time. You can also correct the readings by configuring an offset.

Used the same logic as the smartthings motion sensor. Seems accurate.


  • Create a new custom DTH from code or by integrating directly with the Github repo.
  • Reset your Hue motion by pressing the setup button until device led starts to change color (~15 sec).
  • Open your Smartthings app and search for a new device.

Git repo



Stupid question, but what is the github string to integrate?
Can’t wait to give this a whirl on a few of the sensors :+1:

Actually, I figured it out:
Owner: bogdanalexe90
Name: hueMotionSensor
Branch: master

Just a suggestion - you might want to change the name of the DH to make it clear this is your one eg “Hue Motion Sensor Boganelexe90” otherwise it’s pretty confusing as it’s named the same as the old DH

Love the new sensitivity part. I used to use that when they where connected to Hue, but lost it when moving to ST. I will play around with it tonight and see if the cat won’t set it off on low.

Thank you, I will test and compare it with the one from digitalgecko. I just installed Hue stuff the other day with a hue hub and are missing the illuminance function of the hue a bit. I really like the possibility to measure luminance level and tell the app “this is the point where I want the light to go on or react to motion”. It’s not that easy with ST, I suppose…

You can use the smart lighting automation or webcore.

Maybe I am a bit clumsy… I am actually trying to set it up with smart lighting automation.
But, my sensor for example tells me “0 Lux”, now when I put a flashlight on it an refresh via app nothing happens. When I trigger motion, it jumps up to 5xx Lux, okay.

Basicly, I would like to have the following option(s): When it’s dark, turn on light to 100%, when it’s mid dark, turn on lights to 60%, when it’s bright enough do nothing, when it’s after xxpm just turn on night lights. But honestly I don’t even have an idea with wich Lux figures I have to start out with for “mid dark” or “bright enough”…

For you use case, webcore is the best alternative. Regarding the reading of the lux, you can try to reset your sensor (take batteries out for 5 mins), remove from smartthings and add it again.

I’ve just updated the device handler and improved a bit illuminance reporting. I’ve removed the motion duration since this was causing the device to act lazy. You will need to reset your motion sensor and add it again in smartthings.

I tried this DTH for the last couple of weeks and it appeared to be working well but i am finding the lux values that are being reported are all over the place to the point that it is unusable. Today for example, its one of the nicest October days in the UK and at 15:00 in the afternoon the lights are coming on because supposedly the lux level is 10 - clearly this is completely wrong. Conversely last night, it was pitch black outside and the lights were working fine but then all of a sudden they wouldn’t come on because supposedly the lux level was 18.

For the most part, the lux readings are sensible but at random times, they are simply all over the place. I’ve updated the DTH as per above but it hasn’t helped.

I’m now reverting back to the original Hue motion sensor DTH because whilst the motion sensing isn’t as good, the lux is reliable. Let me know if you get yours sorted and i will try it again.

@bogdanalexe90 did you remove the motion sensitivity?

Nope the motion sensitivity it’s still there.

I now get constant readings and they are pretty ok. It seems there is still a delay on reporting when the lux changes (i reproduced by turning on the lights when there is complete darkness) even if you hit refresh the sensor still sends the last reading, activating motion will give you the good reading. Still this is not an issue of the DTH but most probably from the sensor. I will try to play more and see if i can find a different configuration.

Sorry, some how the 4 sensors I was testing with your DTH switched back to the original. Not sure how that is possible, but am good now.

@bogdanalexe90 need your help, I am having some zigbee issues with my hue, it is not your DTH, but to know if you can check somethign for me? Can you look at your hub event logs and tell me if you see your hue motion doing a zbjoin every 5 to 15 min?

i don’t own smartthings anymore. But yes it was the case of such event popping out every now and then.

Can someone explain to me how to configure the no motion timeout setting for this? It seems to be turning off quite quickly after motion is detected. In the Philips hue app it was possible to specify how long it should take to turn off after no motion is detected…

so ive tried to figure this out for about five days now. I have the motion sensor in my smartthings, but i cant configure it I get “can not connect to device” when I click on it. can someone help me? im sure its something small ive forgotten to do.

Are you using the smart thanks classic app or the new mobile app? The new one doesn’t work very well with any kind of custom code.

Most people who are using custom code our continuing to use the classic app for now.

I am using the new one… I guess I am going to download the classic one and check out. thank you. going to check it and see then report back