Hue motion sensor goes offline with device handler

I have added both [bogdanalexe90 : Hue Motion Sensor] and [digitalgecko : Hue Motion Sensor] device handlers. I am not sure, which is used - is there some way to check that?

Either way - my problem is that my Hue sensors go offline every now and then. I then have to take out the batteries, put them back in an rediscover the sensors in ST to make them work again.
I have other Hue sensors that are not in ST (only in Philips Hue) and they never go offline, so I guess, the problem is ST/DH related.

Does anyone else experience this and what DH do you use?

Thanks in advance.


There is a edge driver made by @iquix you could try with Hue motion sensor. My Hue Dimmer Switch works fine with edge driver.

As far as I can see, the handler is only for the dimmer switch.

Let me check, because there was a driver for the motion sensor too. And we are talkung about this new driver, not old type handlers?

I can’t find anything other than this: Smartthings/devicetypes/iquix at master · iquix/Smartthings · GitHub.

I’ll try to find a link for you. There is a code for this new driver in Github, but there is a link to @iquix channel where you can easily install the driver.

Here is the link for the Edge driver. Based on comments on the thread it seems to work just fine. :blush:

Thanks - I’ll try it out :slight_smile: .

Unpair the Hue motion sensor. Install the driver and scan near. Motion sensor should be found in matter of seconds. :blush:

I’ve uninstalled the old DTH’s, removed the device, installed the new driver and added the device.
I’ve also edited my pistons to reflect the changes. Now I am exited to see, if it helps :slight_smile: :slight_smile:.

Thanks again.

Hopefully it works like you want it to. :blush:

Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work any better :thinking:.

Hmmm. Sorry to hear that. You found the device and it uses Edge driver?

Yup - it worked, but not consistently. Sometimes it just stopped ‘seeing’ motion - even though the sensor was still online.
With the old DTH I at least get a notification, that the sensor is offline.

Ok. Hopefully integration and connection gets better at some point. I’m using cheap Lidl motion sensors with Edge driver and they’ve been working great.