Moving to Edge Drivers for Hue Motion Sensors

I’m trying to move as many of my devices to edge drivers as possible to support local execution. I have a couple of Hue Motion Sensors that I am trying to migrate. I have installed Smarthing’s Zigbee Motion Sensor driver and iquix’s Hue Motion Sensor driver. I removed and repaired the motion sensors with the hub. When I look in the old Smarthings IDE I see the devices are now listed with a type of ‘placeholder’ which makes me things they are now using the edge driver but under the execution column it still says ‘Cloud.’ The name of the sensors listed is ‘hue-motion-sensor’ which makes me think they are suing the iquix drivers. Anyone knows what is going on here or how I can further investigate? Am I able to use the Edge CLI to investigate more?

you can ignore everything you see in IDE. All of my edge devices are placeholder/cloud and even sometimes offline.

there is no sign that the ST team is planning to keep IDE updated

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In the SmartThings app open the hue sensor. Click on the 3 dots and you should see the driver option

And disconnect internet to see which devices work and which not. That means they are run locally.

I assume at some point as development progresses SmartThings will release a whole slew of official edge device drivers. Right now I guess you just have to hunt around on this forum to find custom drivers developed by users? Is anyone maintaining a list of driver channels that we can look through to find drivers for our devices?

The user created Wiki has a links to edge drivers.

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Is there currently any advantage of an Edge driver over a DTH that runs locally? (Other than that they are the future)

My understanding, probably not quite right, is that a ‘DTH that runs locally’ is really a native implementation of the device handler functionality in the hub firmware. So it probably has the edge over Edge on pure efficiency while also being set in aspic by comparison. The latter is arguably where the Edge driver gains.

Did you make it work I have been trying to do make them work for weeks now with the edge drivers with no luck so far

Yes, I have been using the edge driver by iquix and it is working fine.