[DEPRECATED] Updated Ecobee Suite, v1.4.0 (Free)

Hi Barry - Are you aware of the Ecobee motion detector signaling a motion event when none occurred? I had one fire at 4:00am today for no reason, especially considering I have not have motion event indicated for a long time even though there has been lots of activity near the Ecobee during the day.

Yes, I have seen such ghost events from time to time. No idea why they happen - but they are also reported on the thermostat itself.

Was wondering if someone could help me out here. I’m trying to get this installed and I got all the way to the point where I login to ecobee and it says I’m connected but when I try to back out of the smartapp so that I can get back into it and set it up, I get an error message.

physicalgraph.exception.ConflictException: Device still in use. Remove from any SmartApps or Dashboards, then try again @line -1 (doCall)

I’ve tried uninstalling everything and reinstalling but same thing

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Try removing everything again, and then go to the on-line IDE - list your devices, and delete ANY that have “Ecobee-Suite” (or any form of that text).

There seems to be an error condition that results in the test devices not being deleted during the initial setup…until you actually go back in and select your thermostat, there shouldn’t be any devices. I haven’t been able to recreate it, but it has been reported a couple of times now…

Thanks for the tip. I was able to just go into devices and remove the two testinginstall devices. I did not have to uninstall and reinstall everything!


Announcing Fee Ecobee Suite version 1.5.*

With the release of 1.5.00, this 1.4.* thread has been deprecated.

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Just wondering if this suite integrates the ecobee motion/temperature room sensors?

Yes it does and I use the Ecobee occupancy and temp sensors in my SmartThings implementation. You many want to look at the Ecobee Suite 1.5 thread vs. this closed thread…

Just installed the app over the weekend. I’m very new to custom smart apps such as this. I have the mode based on my ST mode which is great. The problem is that I have a schedule on the thermostat to change the mode to home at 5 pm Monday through Friday so that the house is cool when my wife and son get home. The app seems to be overwriting this somehow as it was 78 when I got home this afternoon (wife LOVED that). How would be the best way to accomplish this? Thanks in advance.

The best idea would be to use the smarts in the thermostat as follows:

  1. Set your desired Home scheduled temperature on the thermostat
  2. Set your desired time when you will be home- if she comes home at 5pm, set the schedule on the thermostat so that the Home climate is scheduled for 5pm.
  3. Turn on Smart Recovery on the thermostat

The thermostat will then turn on Cool/Heat far enough in advance of 5pm so that the Home temperature is reached by 5pm.

All this without using any of the Helper SmartApps I provide. once this is all set, then set up a Mode/Routine/Program helper app to turn on the Home program on the thermostat whenever the SmartThings mode changes to Home; ditto to change the thermostat to Away when the ST Mode changes to Away. If you’d like, do the same for Sleep/Night mode.

The thermostat will pre-cool so that the house is at the Home temperature at 5pm, but if someone comes home early, it will immediately set the thermostat to Home (although it will still take a while to cool off).

This is very similar to my own setup, so if you have any further questions/issues, I’ll be happy to help!!!

Important note - hold type should be set to “until next program” (or blank, I guess?), otherwise it’ll stay in Away mode until someone comes home.

Thank you both for the help. I think that my issue was only having on item on my schedule. It would allow me to change the time but didn’t seem to be saving it. So I added another schedule item so that it changes to sleep mode at 11:00pm every night. I think that will fix it but we’ll see this afternoon.

I had another question that is more a ST question. I want to have a different away temp range for the weekend. That way during the week when I know that we’re both gone all day it can cycle the air less often and get up to around 78 but on the weekend we come and go at all hours of the day and I don’t want to come home to a house that hot. I have a “Weekend Away” mode set up in both ST and on my thermostat but I don’t know to change my automation so that it will change to that mode on the weekend only. Thanks in advance

I figured it out. I was trying to use the new ST app instead of classic. Why did they remove so much capability with the new app? I find myself using the classic app for almost everything.

Suggestion for your “weekend away” - use ecobee Vacations instead.

Once you create your first vacation, your temp and fan settings will become your default settings for all vacations.

Create a new ST Mode for your house (Vacation).

Then just create a ST routine (“Gone Fishin”) that switches the ST mode to Vacation.

Create TWO Ecobee Suite helpers:

  • One that changes the thermostat to Vacation mode when the ST Mode changes to Vacation
  • One that changes the ST Mode to Vacation when the thermostat changes to Vacation mode.

Now, you have two ways to get both your house and your ecobee(s) into Vacation mode:

  1. Manually/programatically run the ST “Gone Fishing” Routine
  2. Schedule your weekend “vacation” in the Ecobee itself (this is what I do) - when the Ecobee changes, then so too will your ST Mode

Sorry to resurrect this demon, but anyone else getting an error when trying to authorize ecobee? Im unable to authorize with both the stock app and ecobee suite manager. in both instances i get the following error after tapping allow:

{“error”:true,“type”:“java.lang.reflect.UndeclaredThrowableException”,“message”:“An unexpected error occurred.”}

The app shows as authorized on the ecobee web portal. This is the closest thread i could find dealing with a similar issue so hoping someone has some words of wisdom.

First, stick to the current thread for this smartapp:

Second, my thermostat is currently disconnected and I get “something wrong” when I go to the settings where you would reconnect it. I think you had the unfortunate timing of trying to set yours up during some kind of outage affecting the cloud-to-cloud connection. You may need to wait a day or two and try again…

Others reporting the same here:

Thanks Mark


  1. It appears that SmartThings has fixed a problem that may have been related to the issue you saw
  2. I strongly urge you to upgrade to the latest version, as it tolerates/rides through Cloud-to-Cloud outages even better than 1.4.*

Thanks for using my Ecobee Suite!

Great! Thanks for the update Barry - Yes I am running the current rev. Just posted to the old ver thread by mistake :expressionless: