[OBSOLETE] Universal Ecobee Suite, Version 1.8.01

As of December 31, 2022, the Ecobee Suite is officially OBSOLETE on the SmartThings platform

This is true, even as SmartThings has started to slip the “final” termination of Groovy support into sometime in 2023 (as of this week).

I will not attempt a port to the new platform, as I am fully transitioned to Hubitat for several years now. I will be removing ALL SmartThings code from my Ecobee Suite, further improving performance and reducing overhead for my large (and growing) Hubitat community. You can track the Hubitat updates over on the Hubitat Community here → [RELEASE] Universal Ecobee Suite, Version 1.8.01 - ⚙️ Custom Apps and Drivers - Hubitat

Thanks to all my SmartThings users over the years.

Happy Trails…


Thanks for your time and improvements.

I uninstalled the previous Ecobee-Suite release, and made sure I have all the current DTH’s and SmartApp’s installed from your repository. I was able to authenticate and install both my 2 Ecobee devices and 6 remote sensors. I saved the SmartAPP and then went back into the SmartApp to set Global preferences and this error is generated.

If i comment out the offending line (#543), I can update Ecobee Suite Preferences…

[49703e3d-b89a-4869-83db-977dd6018f96](https://graph.api.smartthings.com/ide/logs#49703e3d-b89a-4869-83db-977dd6018f96) 4:34:05 PM: error groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: script_app_fdc0e1da986a0db6b0120e50e1cbdf210c9075e82af002a865423dc316301bfc.smartAuto() is applicable for argument types: (java.lang.String, java.lang.Boolean) values: [showThermsAsSensor, false] @line 543 (doCall)

[49703e3d-b89a-4869-83db-977dd6018f96](https://graph.api.smartthings.com/ide/logs#49703e3d-b89a-4869-83db-977dd6018f96) 4:34:04 PM: trace Removing test child devices

[49703e3d-b89a-4869-83db-977dd6018f96](https://graph.api.smartthings.com/ide/logs#49703e3d-b89a-4869-83db-977dd6018f96) 4:34:04 PM: debug getChildDevices(true), children=8

[49703e3d-b89a-4869-83db-977dd6018f96](https://graph.api.smartthings.com/ide/logs#49703e3d-b89a-4869-83db-977dd6018f96) 4:33:54 PM: trace Removing test child devices

[49703e3d-b89a-4869-83db-977dd6018f96](https://graph.api.smartthings.com/ide/logs#49703e3d-b89a-4869-83db-977dd6018f96) 4:33:54 PM: debug getChildDevices(true), children=8

Great work! Keep it up. I’m currently using a different zoning smartapp on my SmartThings but I’m thinking of experimenting with Hubitat.

I have a Ecobee 4 for my house, and in each room/zone, I have Keen vents and Honeywell Z-wave thermostats which I just use as temperature sensor and for adjusting set points both manually and using schedules. They are battery powered and the wires are not connected. Would you support them for the room thermostats instead of the virtual thermostats? I’d rather have a physical thermostat on the wall for user-friendliness rather than everyone in the house (including guests) having to look for a phones with virtual thermostats.

In the long term, I’m thinking of something like the Telkonet EcoTouch thermostats (zigbee, with built-in humidity and occupancy sensors) for the room thermostats and Ecobee as the main thermostat connected to the HVAC unit. Telkonet thermostats do not directly control the HVAC system, they are designed as zoning thermostats. Thoughts?

Smart Vents will support any thermostat device you want to use, Ecobee, Virtual or Real, so you should be all set.

Kurt -

I recommend NOT uninstalling/reinstalling the Suite for new releases - there is no need, and you just have to deal with the hassles of recreating your settings and reconnecting any automations. In this case, you would have avoided this error altogether if you just dropped in the new code.

That said, Ecobee Suite Manager version 1.8.02 fixes the error - thanks for reporting it!

@storageanarchy Barry did I miss something when I updated to 1.8.02 I lost visibility of my ecobee thermostat and room sensors in smartthings and in actiontiles? I can see the thermostat in ecobee suite setup and in my IDE device list but it is missing from the app now. Thanks for all you do!

Excellent work, Barry. The Smart Humidity Helper is great. And I particularly like the newly included calculations that show values in the helpers. Saves having to open the IDE Live View. :+1:

Which app? The devices should still appear in both SmartThings Classic and in the new Samsung app. If they appear in the IDE device list, then you should be able to see them on your mobile device…

@storageanarchy I’m using Smartthings classic, The thermostat and my room sensors are now absent from the app.

Dear @storageanarchy,

The new release corrects the error, thanks for the quick fix.

BTW, I had performed the SmartApp upgrade as you described in your detailed instructions and the preference pane error existed. Without looking at your code, I thought that this was such a large change in the code, and that ST sometimes does not execute as expected after a code change, that it would be in our best interest to install cleanly before I report a new bug to you.

The preference error was still evident after the new install as it was in the initial upgrade, and when I inspected the line number of the code, I saw that it was an inadvertent coding error.

Again, thank you for the excellent code/application and a ‘donation’ to your coding tip jar has been made!

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So far I haven’t heard of this issue from the other users, so I suspect something is up with your device or the mobile app.

If they aren’t appearing on the “Things” page, then try memory clearing the SmartThings app from your device.

After some thought, please try re-installing the device drivers for the Thermostat and the Sensor - there was an error in the initial release which I have already corrected, but you may have gotten the bad versions if you installed before I posted the fix…


Not sure what I did to mess it up I had to remove it from my hub and reload 1.8.02, after that everything is back working like it always has. Thanks for the quick response and the assistance!

Kurt -

Mea culpa. The error was indeed inadvertent, and indeed would have appeared whenever you opened the Preferences page.

Again, thanks for the bug report, and thank you VERY MUCH for the donation!

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That sounds good. Can I use real thermostats as the room temperature sensors (instead of Ecobee sensors)?

Yes, you can use any temperature sensing devices…and any vent that works like a dimmer…

That’s fantastic. I’m going to give it a shot one of these weekends. Thanks for your great work!

Barry, I’ve set it up on SmartThings. I have an Ecobee 4 thermostat in the great room. I have Honeywell Z-wave thermostats in several rooms (including one in the great room). All rooms have Keen vents. I’ve set up the Smart Vents & Switches helper apps - one for each room with a thermostat/keen vent. I don’t have any Ecobee sensors in any of the rooms.

I saw in the v1.7 thread where you had mentioned:

There is much, much more that Ecobee Suite can do for you, but the one thing I have intentionally NOT added is the attempt to utilize non-Ecobee remote sensors to control the setpoints of the thermostat, and this for one simple reason: Wife Approval Factor. See, what nobody can do is change what shows on the thermostat as the current temperature (except of course when using Ecobee sensors, it will show the averaged temperature of all the settings).

Is it still the case with v1.8 also – that is, the Ecobee thermostat will only show the current temperature of the room where it’s installed? I’ve been able configure the Honeywell thermostats as the room sensors in the Smart Vents and Switches helper app. But that won’t affect neither the display nor the set point of the Ecobee thermostat?

Nort -

Yes, that part is still the same - I do not change the setpoint of the thermostat based on non-Ecobee sensors, since I cannot control what temperature the Ecobee Thermostat displays - it still displays either its own temperature, or the average of the Ecobee Sensors that you have assigned to each of the thermostat’s Programs.

At this point, however, everything should be in place within the code to build a setpoint manager based off of the room thermostats’ readings. I can imagine a “Smart Setpoint” Helper that looks at the temperature deltas of all of the rooms, although it is complicated by the fact that A) someone could set a room to an absurd value, and B) it probably needs to be aware that you really can’t aim to heat just one room if all of the others have shut down their vents (this is why my Keen Home Smart Vent drivers adds back the pressure and temperature sensors, so a future Helper can tell if the system is being constrained by too many closed vents).

If someone wants to start on building such a Helper, I’ll consider adding it into the Suite. I’m not sure that I will get A Round Tuit any time soon…

Barry, thanks for the explanation. I don’t want to bite more than I can chew, but I’ll check to see if I can do it.

By the way, what is the best driver to use for keen vents? I use a different DTH for my keen vents (as a generic dimmer type) than yours, but I see that you have a DTH available. I don’t have HubConnect. Should I still use your driver? Should it be set up as a generic dimmer type vent or using HubConnect (as I’ve done)? I have only one smartthings hub.

Thanks again!