Alexa can get things done FAST! [EchoSistant Free Text Control Preview]


(Bobby) #1

How fast can you get things done with an Alexa Custom Skill?

This fast… @JDRoberts , you might enjoy this :slight_smile:

Note: my second Harmony Hub is called “Bedroom Hub”. EchoSistant 4.0 is able to handle “TV” commands on its own, without any virtual switches. Because it is based on “free text processing”, it cannot detect (“match”) custom activity names. Instead, when the command “turn TV off” is given, EchoSistant saves the activity name, so the next time you ask Alexa to " turn the TV on" it starts the last activity.

For complete control using Harmony activity names, the Main Home skill is required. With the main skill, users can actually say: Alexa turn on CNN in my home. Or Alexa tell my home to switch to PBS (again no virtual switches involved for activities AND direct commands work too- E.G Alexa turn TV on/off in my home.)

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(Peter Chan) #2

This is a game changer. I’ve been waiting for the ability to link requests
and to be able to speak sequential commands. Can’t wait for v4!!

(Bobby) #3

That was one of my goals. Sequential commands and avoid starting over if something goes wrong. There is nothing I dislike more about Alexa than making me wake it up when it’s totally its fault for not fully hearing me. Or translating bogus commands that have nothing to do with what I just said. I think v4 will come closer to both goals. Been prototyping continuous commands, but is not ready for prime time, yet. It does require a pause between the commands so it takes practice to make it work.

Alexa turn the lights off in the bedroom, < pause > and turn off the tv < pause > and lock the doors.

(Steven) #4

Very nice. Looking forward to this.

(Bobby) #5

And? two weeks later, how close did we come? BTW, found a way to do true sequential commands. I am testing now and will release next week…as update to current v4 functionality…