[DEPRECATED] EchoSistant Evolved ~ Amazon Echo's Only Assistant with Robust Scheduling and Flexible Reporting

Version 4.1 of Echosistant
Release Version 0.3.3c
Release Date 03/18/2017

This release brings you the most reliable recurring Scheduling app using Cron expressions and robust Reporting, in the all new Notifications & Reporting Add-on Smart App.

To successfully update to Version 4.1 please perform the following:

  • Update the Main EchoSistant app
  • Update the Main Custom Slots
  • Update the Message and Control Profile
  • Update the Notifications Profile

Summary of changes:

  • Introducing ST’s only app using robust Cron Scheduler. ~ schedule Hourly, daily, monthly and even yearly events with ease and reliability.

  • Introducing the fully customizable ‘Ad-Hoc Reports’ ~ This report allows you to select your devices you want to report on as well as create a fully customizable report using the available variables. The Ad-Hoc report is able to be executed using your Alexa Enable Devices.

  • Introducing the ‘Triggered Reports Profile’ ~ This profile allows you to schedule or use external Triggers to execute your Ad-Hoc reports.

  • Introducing the expansion of the Audible Feedback via Alexa ~ you can ask about specific devices as well as groups of devices in your ST environment. You do this using casual free speech and commands.

These enhancements allow you to inquire about the status of your home and receive that information via your Alexa Device, Remote Speakers, SMS, and Push Messages. You can schedule report to execute on a regular basis using the new Cron Scheduler. You can trigger your reports via your Smart Devices.

Please see the EchoSistant Wiki for more information about the update and how to configure your new reporting capabilities:

There is a TON of information about EchoSistant in the Version 4.0. Please take a look!

We hope you enjoy our new version of EchoSistant and we look forward to your feedback.
Thank you


This post saved for future Announcements and changes… as well as videos.

This is EchoSistant giving me a Doors and Windows Report with Feedback

This one is called talking like a teenager


Display of EchoSistant and Single room control.


Great job , I’m looking forward to playing with this over the weekend ! Thanks again to both of you for all your hard work , you are making great progress,


Many thanks to @jasonrwise77 for burning the midnight oil on many nights testing and helping sort out our crazy ideas! And thanks both of you for pushing for perfection. I think everyone will like how the Notification & Reporting Add-on turned out. Great team effort, guys!


Check this thread for Reporting ideas! I’d like to see what you come up with? Reporting about your home should be flexible, fun and easy to create (warning…imagination is required :slight_smile: ) !

And here is how to schedule like a pro with Cron Expressions…(pictorial)


I am sorry to tell you , but reporting is broken.

I had two windows open.

“What is open” - There are no doors or windows open…
“How many windows are open” - There are two windows open…

I’ll check into that

Hey guys been following this for awhile now. Awesome work and creative thinking for this app. Now i have to spend some more money on dots and speakers, thx :wink:

I just updated and started messing around with more the features today. Like the comment above im also seeing an error with reporting. I can ask what doors/windows are open/closed - this works perfectly. When i ask for individual doors/windows i get these two errors in live logging.

java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method toLowerCase() on null object @ line 949
java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method toLowerCase() on null object @ line 3224

Hope this helps and thx for your guys hard work on this great app!

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Thanks… Greatly appreciated for the error info… The free speech engine is amazing but it can be finicky sometimes… We are working on it now.

Glad you enjoy the app

Thanks for the bug report! Could you please update Echo:EchoSistant App to R.0.3.1a and try again. If the problem persists. Can you please PM me with a more detailed screen shot of your logs. (I need to see which field name is actually coming through as “null”). Thanks again!

This is fixed… Thanks for letting us know…

Remember… the app is in full development and things change constantly… some commands work for some but not for others… but let us know what isn’t working and we’ll see what’s up.

More coming!

Now… please update

Main App to Version:4.0 R.0.3.1b
Main Custom Slots

Thank you very much for great application and incredible support!

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Our pleasure!

Keep the ideas coming… especially any use cases you come up with using the Reports, Notifications, and Feedback… This is incredibly flexible and the sky’s the limit.

I have a report that mixes the report with the feedback… two process, but it works great…

that’s what is in the video

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Unfortunately still problem with feedback. I have not tested all , most interested in doors and windows…

Only “What’s” works , not “What is”.
For example “What’s on/off” works, but not “What is on/off”.
Or 'What’s open/close" works, but not “What is open/closed”.

what is and what’s is ONLY for doors and windows… for now.

I wasn’t sure how well that would be liked so I didn’t expand it… yet

Please make sure the custom slots are up to date. There have been changes with every other update to the custom slots and utterance sample.

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yep, didn’t catch that… that should be working

Wow…I just went through the ST and AWS/Lambda installation processes, as well as updating the SmartApps to the new releases that were just made available after I went through the initial process. In addition to needing a nap now, it appears that something went awry along the way (I won’t be surprised if I made an error, there are a couple steps in the installation instructions in the wiki that are out-of-order, and multiple versions of some of the content…at least one slot type…that contradict one another). Everything seems set up correctly, and the “Alexa, tell Home this is a test” exercise produces the correct result, as do several info requests (retrieving lists of lights that are on, etc). However, some commands do not appear to be processed correctly, including the recommended “Turn on {device}” test, either via Alexa or the Service Simulator. When I try…

“Turn on Bedside Light” (with “Bedside Light”) being a valid device, the response is…

“Sorry, I heard that you were looking to on the Bedside Light but Echosistant wasn’t able to take any actions, would you like to try again?”

Not the absence of the word “turn” in between “to” and “on”. Is that significant? This isn’t a critical problem, as I don’t need to use EchoSistant for simple on/off commands. But it does seem to indicate that something is wrong.

All that aside, this is a seriously cool app, and I appreciate all of the work involved in producing it and the continued enhancements.

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