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Smart thing can see the iris open/close but echo doesn't

(banhtrang) #1

I am new to this thing…my iris sensor that I installed in the garage door works great with smartthing hub but my echo could not find it. Does any one has any tips to make it work?

thank you


[RELEASE] Ask Alexa


Contact sensors don’t get discovered by Echo, just devices that it can control, like switches, bulbs, relays, etc. That’s why you can’t select sensors in the SmartApp if you uncheck “select all devices”.


(banhtrang) #3

so I guess I can’t do like " echo can you check if my garage door is close?"



Not with the basic ST/Amazon integration, but you can with Ask Alexa or EchoSistant. I personally use Ask Alexa so I can use phrases like “Alexa, ask SmartThings to run the door and window report”. Give one of these a try. Since you’re new, be patient setting these up because they can be a bit involved, but work really well.


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Did you know that in EchoSistant you do not have to configure anything?

You just say… Alexa, ask smartthings what’s open.

That will tell you all of your doors and windows that are open.

or, what doors are open
or, are there any doors open

and so on and so on… all without any profiles or macros

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but, but, but what will I do is there’s nothing to tweak? lol, actually I didn’t know that, so thanks for pointing that out. I’ve been living under a rock the last several months due to work getting in the way of things…


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Take a look at the EchoSistant 4.1 thread. We’ve posted some videos that show some of the true power of the app.



Sounds like something Vader would say… I will definitely try it!

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Yes, feel the power of the EchoSistant side…