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Google Home Assistance - problems with ST - KNOWN issue to Google

(Bill S.) #88

No wonder my entire house shuts off when I tell GH to turn everything off. I thought it was yet another bug in Google. This is NOT a welcome change. Just another reason for me not to ever abandon my Echos. As if the issues that Google introduces isn’t enough, now we have ST adding another level of “WTH” into the equation.

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(Bill S.) #89

That’s pretty much what my GH devices are: Glorified smart speakers. Echo controls everything else in the house while my Google Homes sit doing nothing but music and an occasional query about the weather.

Once Amazon gets multi-room audio completed, I’m completely ditching Google Home.


(Peter Lucian Pop) #90

I was planning the other way even though $120 gh in every room is way more than the many $30 Dots I have. I just got Chromecast Audios and was ready to just stop the Prime bleeding and ditch Amazon (the savings would be huge). Now I can’t - ActionTiles on old tablets around the house work great, but I need to talk to my devices - and it’s crazy how badly Google messed it up. (I am tired of Alexa going “you have more than one device, which one did you want”? (there is only one Kitchen word in the list).


(Scott Tuck) #91

I really wish we could have an Echo with a Google search engine. Google DOES do a better job at searching, but that’s about it. Oh, I do also like that I can set custom triggers using Google Assistant on IFTTT.

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(Bill S.) #92

I found that creating (and maintaining) groups in Alexa does wonders. I rarely get that response unless there’s a ton of noise in the room OR I’m using one of the Dots. My full Echos are always better at hearing (YMMV).


(Bill S.) #93

Actually? You can (ish). It’s a hack, but many people have said it works well:

Also, if you aren’t using EchoSistant or Ask Alexa with Echo, you’re missing out. Easily outpaces what GH does even with IFTTT custom phrases.


(Scott Tuck) #94

I too would prefer to go all Google, but I feel like Amazon has done a better job with features. I’m a HUGE Google fan, and I love them, but they have to get their act together. Fixing this issue, and rolling out some Dot competitors soon might win my heart back lol

I initially had 3 dots, and an echo, and ditched them all but 1 on Google Home launch day. I was so frustrated that it couldn’t do basic things like change the colors of my Hue lights (which I think they’ve now fixed) out of the box.

My wife on the other hand…She’s ready to burn all of the smart home things right now lol


(Scott Tuck) #95

Interesting! Thanks for the info. I’ll have to check it out after work.

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(Bill S.) #96

Happy wife, happy smart home life :wink: I’m pretty lucky as my wife enjoys all the automation. When things go wrong, she sits on her phone and plays match 3 games until I fix it. LOL



The ST person I spoke with on chat (two days ago) indicated that they had given google some suggestions, and that it was now up to Google to implement


(Scott Tuck) #98

This is depressing. I hope the 2 companies are still communicating throughout this.

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(Scott Tuck) #99


Looks like Google is calling some of their automation issues “fixed.” While my Google Home is doing better with controlling basic things like lights than it was yesterday, still no change with SmartThings Integration as far as the device authorization goes.!topic/googlehome/euyT8cToGcg;context-place=forum/googlehome


(Scott Tuck) #100

I decided to start a specific post just for this on the Google Product forums. If you guys want to tack onto it, it may help:!topic/googlehome/KVjOWB0PVF8;context-place=forum/googlehome


(Paulo) #101

I have the same issue. Was forced to unlink but then I was not able to selectively link specific devices. This is a major issue since I have numerous virtual switches and things like Blink cameras connected to Smartthings. No longer can I say turn off everything because my house would go haywire. Very frustrating, luckily my Amazon devices still work properly and the grouping in Amazon is much better than the room system in Google anyways. Hopefully a quick fix is on the way.


(Scott Tuck) #102

SmartThings confirmed that Google made them do it.

I started this thread on Google’s Product Forum to try to get their attention.

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(Paulo) #103

Thanks. Happen to have a link to that product forum so I can add my frustration to the mix?


(Paulo) #104

Never mind I Googled it.:grin:


(Wesley Wong) #105

so far how is your problem? can link to google home? mine still unable to link.


(Travis Muszynski) #106

I had the same problem. I unlinked ST and In was able to operate Nest again. I’m just going to leave it unlinked until ST get fixed.


(Peter Lucian Pop) #107

Un-linking ST allows GH to work with other services. What baffles me is the small number of people complaining.

Samsung and Google make money from selling their $100 devices - if they can’t team up and sell a lot of them, that seems silly. To me, they seem a match made in heaven, or at least they used to.

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