Weather 3.0

There are many things EchoSistant can do, that no other app can. And weather alerts is one of these features. The recent update to Weather 3.0 engine for the Echo: Notifications Add-on, offers weather updates for every use.

For those of you who don’t know what EchoSistant smart app does, it is a parent/child smart app capable to “echo” your messages like a personal assistant would, in audio or text format - using Alexa enabled devices, remote speakers, phones (sms & push notifications) - as well as to take actions - using in-app settings and third party integration through CoRE - .

Echo: Notifications with Weather 3.0 offers four categories of weather updates:

A. Weather Alerts

  • Immediate Threat of Inclement Weather Notifications, as issued by the National Weather Service using your location (or a provided zip code). You can subscribe to one or more alerts so you can take actions when they are issued (play a message, send a text, flash lights, change color on bulbs, close window coverings, check for open doors, etc)

B. Hourly Forecast Updates

  • You can subscribe to hourly weather forecast updates to one or all of the following weather elements, and take actions when their values change:

C. Weather Triggers

  • If you want to get real time updates for a specific weather element, such as an increase in the wind gusts, a drop in temperature, a change in precipitation or a spike in relative humidity, then you can subscribe to one of the following weather elements, and check for changes as often as every minute, so you can be ready to take actions when their values go above or below your set threshold:




D. Weather Variables

-With these variables you can create custom messages containing weather elements that are triggered by external events, such as certain time, a motion sensor becoming active, a contact sensor opening, a light switch turning on, etc. The current list of weather variables contains current temperature, current weather conditions, current UV index, and many more… You can set a custom message as an alarm to wake you up every morning with weather related information in conjunction with many other variables available that are non-weather related.

Weather Variables

Custom Message using Weather 3.0 variables

Click here to learn more about EchoSistant with Weather 3.0


This is the best app out in my opinion.


Well, thank you! Those are some huge shoes to fill. We are just closing some gaps left untapped by other community developers. EchoSistant is the ultimate edge case app. We shine where others felt it was a dangerous field to play with. Time will tell if the exception confirms the rule!

Thanks! We are definitely appreciative of everyone that has helped us and uses the app. Like Bobby said, we are trying to fill in the gaps where others felt it was a waste of time. Our goal has been and always will be to make Alexa into an actual useful device for everyone!

Just check out my video… Talking like a Teenager!

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Hello All,

Have you ever wanted to control your connected devices based on the weather. Thanks to the help of @SBDOBRESCU and @bamarayne, and their awesome creation of EchoSistant 4.1 with Weather 3.0 you can now do exactly that.

My situation was simple, my outside camera has a motion sensor that turns the outside light on. Simple enough, but the issue was every time it rains the motion sensor would turn the light on and off until it stopped raining. The only way to fix this was to go into the app and turn off the motion. Well with Weather 3.0 I don’t have to do that ever again. Below is how I did it.

The formula below is to create 1 Messaging & Control Profile and 2 Notification Profiles.

1st the Messaging and Control Profile
Configure each section as I have pictured below. As this is a messaging profile you will need to pick an output so I chose one of my sonos and then in the Audio section and then disabled it in the Message output settings. Remember to setup the device for toggle so it will turn on and off.

Next we will need 2 notification profiles, I am showing below how to create the 2 profiles the only difference between the 2 is the precipitation variable from above to below. Make sure that you link each notification profile to the Camera Control Profile that we built above.

That’s it, you now have the ability for your camera to turn on and off based on above or below 1 inch of rain. Have fun and fell free to let me know if you have any questions.


Great write up. Thanks for sharing. For those more familiar with CoRE, the same can be accomplished using the two Trigger Profiles as described above (Garage Outside Camera Off & Garage Outside Camera On)…triggering one Piston with two actions…when off trigger is true, turn off the Camera switch, when on trigger is true, then turn on the Camera switch:

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I have updated the description for the ‘Chance of Precipitation’ to reflect the (in/mm) instead of (%). That was a typo. Sorry about that. You will need to update your profiles to the new trigger name.

The weather features are now integral part of RemindR. Get weather notifications even if you don’t have an Alexa device…

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Someone integrate this for google home plzzzzz

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Can this Weather 3.0 be done for the Google Asistant?

Not at this time. I am not aware of a function in Google Assistant that allows passing external messages to the smart assistant.

I feel like an idiot, but how do I get Weather 3.0 setup in my smart apps? I am new to smartthings, so I’m going through the learning curve. I have searched but come up empty thus far. Thank you.

Quick question. I noticed triggering wx events for thunderstorm warnings, tornadoes, etc. For winter weather, there is only Winter Weather Advisory. Here on the east coast USA, we also get Winter Storm Watches, Winter Storm Warnings and Blizzard Watches and Blizzard warnings. Can these be added as triggering events?

Also, there is a spelling error for High Wind Advisory (says “High Wind Advisoryt”) next time an update is issued.

Finally, is it correct to select “recurring” as the “how often”, i.e., so that it is always monitoring?


Weather 3.0 is built into RemindR app created by @SBDOBRESCU.

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Hey, sorry I missed your question. As @lmosenko said, the weather 3.0 features are part of the stand alone app called remindR or part of the notification add-on for those who installed EchoSistant v4.

Yes, they can. :slight_smile: I’ll add them in the next round of updates for remindR. The “real” work got in the way and didn’t add any more features. I owe one to @lmosenko … And several other little adjustments like the spelling error youve mentioned.

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No need to retrigger. Once an alert is selected, the app checks every 5 minutes for updates.

Thanks! Yes I installed RemindR and have it running. Working through the config in the app so thanks for the prompt responses!

I had not initially installed the Notification add-on, so I was eventually able to find it in there. I was originally thinking weather 3.0 was a standalone smartapp, so that’s where my confusion was coming from. Thank you for following-up!

Yup, no problem. Weather 3.0 is the weather “engine”. The weather code was developed specifically for the EchoSistant v4. The weather features and notifications became popular among non EchoSistant users, so we decided to release a stand alone app called remindR…