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Bloomsky Weather Station


(Jason) #1

To minimize clutter, If you would like to share your weather ID information please use this link. Thank you!

You can still apply for a free Bloomsky(costs shipping ~$20ish) here. "Apply by Wednesday, February 17th at 11:59pm PST to qualify."

@Slagle Has been kind enough to offer the following Device type and smart app:

Short Instructions:

After correctly adding Bloomsky (Connect) app in mobile, Smartapp should create a device.

Service Manager(Bloomsky (Connect))!!!

Now all you have to do is install the service manager and you’re good to go! You will not need the “Scheduler” app anymore either, it’s done within the service manager.

This should work for multiple devices too. Don’t have multiple devices so I can’t test that, so don’t castrate me if it doesn’t work. :grin:

Make sure to uninstall the old device before copying in the new DTH code.

The service manager(Bloomsky (Connect)) sets all the correct info for the device. No need to do anything other than hit done within the connect app.(Bloomsky (Connect) should add a device in your list.)

If you changed anything in the IDE for the device is recommend uninstalling and reinstalling.

Long Instructions on Installation after adding the Bloomsky (Connect) Smartapp and Bloomsky Device Type in the IDE:

Thanks for the in-depth write up @keltymd! All bolds below are emphasis by me, Italics are my comments.

After this step the Bloomsky (Connect) App should create a device found on your network. The name wil be Bloomsky***** with the stars being randomly generated characters.

Please see the FAQ for using custom code by @JDRoberts

GitHub FAQ:

Steps on how to add Still Images to Thanks @Belgarion!

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(JP) #2

Applied earlier this morning. It does look like a pretty nifty device.

(Jason) #3

Yeah I’m very excited about it, I applied for two more locations yesterday. I haven’t recieved my first one yet, but who knows right?!

Original 1st Post
Continuing the discussion from Current device deals & best prices:

This is a place to discuss Bloomsky Weather Station.

About a week ago @cdmobile mentioned and posted a link to Bloomsky’s Website and noted that we might be able to get one of these nifty devices for the mere price of shipping. Many have already noted that they were accepted and I thought that this could be the official thread for them.


I bought one yesterday, already have a different brand weatherstation, but you can never have too many gadgets, right? :grin:

(Adkhkr1) #5

Ordered mine with the code…looking forward to integrating it.

(Chick Webb) #6

Got my approval letter yesterday, too. :smile:

Web Service or Cloud Devices?

Ordered one as well. I look forward to setting it up.

(Tom forti) #8

@schapper05 thanks for setting this thread up. I think I’m going to try and get one for my parents place and shore house too. Hope a device type can come out of this.

(Jason) #9

No problem, I can’t always do it, but when I have a few minutes I know it bugs people to see the deals thread obliterated by off topic discussions.

I applied for 2 more for work locations. And am going to try to apply for my parents as well. We’ll see, but it would be cool to see literally what the weather is like at those places!

(Jason) #10

Yeah These two posts below give me hope for a device type. I would think that if enough of us ST users get these it should come along pretty quickly from the community

And as was mentioned earlier Bloomsky itself was looking into creating a device type for it =D

(Brian J Lambert) #11

I can’t wait to get mine now that I was approved, and I hope Smartthings integrations comes fast, but they do have an IFTTT channel.

Someone that has one, what triggers does the IFTTT channel provide?

(Adrian Parker) #12

@brianjlambert, triggers are shown here

(Bernie H) #13

Just a heads up. I think I missed my initial acceptance email. Applied again and the second one was in my Spam folder.

So I’m in and can’t wait.

(Brian J Lambert) #14

Thanks. I don’t know if many of those are entirely useful with Smartthings, but the rain trigger might be good to turn on/off lights.

Wish there was a light level trigger.

(Charles) #15

I used the standard order page and the promo code (just now) to reduce the price to $19.99 (shipping). Offer was accepted, now waiting on shipping confirmation.

(Jason) #16

I would recommend going through the proper channel of application, as they can probably rightfully charge you the difference… It seems like they are accepting everyone’s applications.

(jotto) #17

Thanks for the heads-up!

Love that it creates time-lapse videos automatically, look forward to hopefully getting approved.

(Realy Living Dream) #18

Agreed, from the few things I have seen they seem to be willing to get these out there and work with us on integration. I assume that they are building their customer network to get more data points in the effort to eventually sell the data.
I wouldn’t want to risk pissing them off by giving out the code or using it without actually getting approved to be a host.The agreement gave a price of $269, not the " current sale price" of $229 ( without code)

(Jovan) #19

what code? 20 characters

(Realy Living Dream) #20

The code they send you once you are approved to be a community host[quote=“jovanm, post:19, topic:38202, full:true”]

what code? 20 characters