Bloomsky Storm Data Tracking


(Matthew Freestone) #1

Just curious if anyone has come up with a way to track BloomSky Storm data cumulatively and display that info? For example, specifically I would love to know how much total rain I’ve had in the past day, week, month, and total for the year. I live in a desert climate so this data would be especially interesting, comparing year to data, etc. It would be even cooler if this was data I was able to pull into SmartThings for ActionTiles or other nice ways to display/share the data.

(Matt) #2

I grab all the data every 5 mins via the API and store it in mySql I haven’t really thought about how I’m going to use that data yet.


You can also track and download data from the BloomSky dashboard at

(Matthew Freestone) #4

Yeah, I did see that data in the dashboard. It would be nice to be able to share that data publically and graphed in the ways I described. I think I’ll need to do some research.


Once it gets over 100 here in AZ, I’m done tracking lol.

(Matthew Freestone) #6

hahaha I bet, but wouldn’t you be interested in how much cumulative rainfall you get per month/year?