Bloomsky Weather Station ID Information


(Bernie H) #1

This thread is for anyone with a Bloomsky to post their station information so it’s easier to find to follow/favorite and won’t clutter up the original device/smartapp thread

Suggested format:
Station Name: Skynet (use zip code to find me, Skynet Parrish is not me)
City, State, Zip: Egg Harbor, NJ, 08215
BloomSky Username: celblazer
Web link:

Hi guys. got my second Bloomsky in. Please follow. Thanks

Station Name: Skynet 2.0 (might need to use zip code to find me, Skynet Parrish is not me)
City, State, Zip: Lindenwold, NJ, 08021
BloomSky Username: celblazer
Web link:

I noticed it looks like it takes a while for the number of followers to change(mines still at 1) but if you click on followers it shows the list. I will be favoriting everyone who post their info. Please hit like on each post you ad so they know you found them.

SDKevdog SDKevdog Kevin
March 30
It looks like we are starting to have an influx of new stations! Could you maybe add a couple of lines to the first message? Something like:

Please: By posting your station information here you agree to participate in our community! This means adding as many stations as possible from the spreadsheet. The bare minimum is to continuously follow back everyone who follows your own station. Thanks.

Thanks @SDKevdog for a Complete list of stations:

Bloomsky Weather Station
Bloomsky Weather Station
Bloomsky Weather Station
Bloomsky Weather Station
(Scott Alexander) #2

Station Name: SterlingBloom
Zip 64081
Web link

(Chick Webb) #3

If you want to see what the weather’s like near the beach in NorCal…

Station Name - “BloomSky - RDM” (note the spaces, which appear to be required)
City, State - Aptos, CA 95003
Link -

(Michael Hess) #4

Station Name: Lander Lil
Zip: 82520
Web Link:

(Lane ) #6

Station Name: Kemp’s Bloomsky
Zip: 64118
Web Link:

(Bernie H) #7

Fixed thanks 20 char

(Matt B) #8

Station Name: My Bloomsky
Zip: 49546
Web Link:

(Matt B) #9

Just to make sure, is “favoriting” a Bloomsky the same thing as “following” it?

(Bernie H) #10

Yup my bad.

Dam 20 char


See the weather in sunny SoCal

Station name: Chino, CA
Zip: 91710
Web Link:

(Matt) #12

I faved them all…



sierra Vista, AZ 85650

(Realy Living Dream) #14

Station ID


NOT it it’s permanent home, but at least it’s online . For now it can sit on the railing of the deck on opposite corner from the AcuRite Looks like it is taking a few minutes for it to adjust from 68* house to 18* outside temp.

Nice view of the squirrels nests in the old maple tree though

(David Schroeder) #15

Station Name: Amston Bloomsky
City, State, Zip: Amston, CT 06231
Web link:

(Cris D) #16

Can the OP get some love? Here’s my info:

Station ID: Walnut Grove
Zip: 98665


You got it! I faved everyone so far. Really interesting to see how we live all over the US.

(Brian J Lambert) #18

Station Name: SoHa
City, State, Zip: St. Louis, MO 63109
Web link:


(Matt) #19

faved um all…

Now I hope to get the same love when I get mine today

(Bernie H) #20

I’m up to 10 people following me,which is how many people posted info so far, so I think you’ll get plenty. :slight_smile:

(Jason) #21

Station Name: South Fargo
City, State, Zip: Fargo, ND 58104
Web link:

Edit: This is not the cameras permanent home… just need a nice day to hang it on the roof.