BloomSky and SmartThings Integration

I recently bought a BloomSky, added the DTH and smartapp to my IDE, added the smartapp into smartthings classic, but it appears the SmartThings integration no longer works. When I add all the code and my api key smartthings is supposed to add the bloomsky weather station as a “thing”, but it doesn’t. It now gives an error. Any new user trying to set up this integration gets the error message. It appears to work fine for users who already setup the integration, but errors for new setups.

The error is:
debug Error: groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: java.util.ArrayList.collectAll() is applicable for argument types: (script_app_b82d826c9176fe7ac5fac2af94cce9e55a383bde535c754fb3049abcedb5a8a1$_getBloomskyIds_closure3$_closure10) values: [script_app_b82d826c9176fe7ac5fac2af94cce9e55a383bde535c754fb3049abcedb5a8a1$_getBloomskyIds_closure3$_closure10@421062a8]
Possible solutions: collect(), collect(), collect(groovy.lang.Closure), collect(groovy.lang.Closure), collectMany(groovy.lang.Closure), collect(java.util.Collection, groovy.lang.Closure)

Here is the smartthings forum post on BloomSky integration. You’ll see several recent posts detailing the new error message.

I posted on the BloomSky thread, sent a message to the DEV, and to BloomSky, but I have yet to get a response. Can anyone help us with this issue?


I have a boomsky, but the data it generates is so inaccurate I’m replacing it with a much simpler solution. The best help I have is to recommend that you return it if you can.

Fixed it. With the help of dchau11 who pointed me in the right direction. I had to change collectAll to just collect on this line: state.deviceCollection = resp.getData().collect{it.DeviceID}

Works perfect now.

I have another simple temp/humidity only station that has indoor/outdoor sensors, no ST integration or even an app just a display inside, and I find the bloomsky to be right on with that unit. I also have ST sensors for temp and humidity indoors and before putting the bloomsky outside I kept it inside for a while and found it to be very close or right on to the ST sensors. Also my current conditions from NWS come from a small rural airport about 10 miles form my home and the bloomsky is very close or right on to those conditions. IDK, I find it to be pretty accurate. And the time lapse is cool. I got it on sale for $99 on amazon so for now, it works for me.

Thanks!!! This fixed the issue for me as well when trying to reinstall.

Line 100 in the App now reads:
state.deviceCollection = resp.getData().collect{it.DeviceID} //get all device IDs on bloomsky account