Bloomsky setup guide? Please

So the bloom sky post has grown out of control. Can someone please post a step by step guide for getting the station setup and a guide for the ST side of the set up as well. I just got mine in the mail today and am ready to start setting it up but am scared to mess something up. Cheers guys!

just look at post 1. Thats all you need to get it done. Remember to do it during the day while the sun is still up or it will not function until morning

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Thats fine that it wont work till tomorrow. How long will it take the app to connect? Its been sitting on connecting to bloomsky for about 3 minutes and as im sitting here typing this it timed out saying it couldnt connect. The device is about 5ft from my router.

Also I will be putting mine on the ground starting out.

Are there and disadvantages to it being on the ground and #2 which way should I be facing the solar panel? Toward the east west or south?

make sure your phone is hooked to a 2.4Ghz and not a 5ghz connection. It took me a few times to get it to connect but it was a whole lot easier than the inside station i got from them I did that over 50 times before it worked

Just checked and it is connected to 2.4GHZ, So just keep trying it until it connects?

yep thats all you can do… reset it every time

Are there and disadvantages to it being on the ground and #2 which way should I be facing the solar panel? Toward the east west or south?

Does the solar panel just sit on the ground with the legs up?

I have mine on the mount with the plate. if possible aim it south that was it will get sun most of the day as the sun goes east to west

Perfect. Thats the way I was going to be facing it.

When you say you have yours on the mount you mean its mounted on a roof?

yes on my out building actually. there is a mount plate that will hold the solar panel on the mounting bracket.

But if putting in thr ground you just set it on the ground with its legs down right?

Also, where do I get the API code from, I assume it will be in the bloom sky app once it finally goes through?

Man read the first post in the other thread I wrote a detailed with pictures set of instructions

Sorry I hadnt gone far enough down. Well I cant get the dammed thing to connect after trying 10 times. Guess im going to have to shelf it until I get home from work tomorrow. Is it safe to power off and bring back on in between? Also, thanks for the help I appreciate it.

No problem. Just shelve it and do it during the day its much less frustrating. Make sure to do the full reset on the unit every time you try to connect it

When you say reset do you mean power it off from the power button

when it doesnt connect the app will tell you to retry and hold one of the buttons to reset it.

Just one nit - direction of the solar panel isn’t too critical. According to the support docs for the panel, it only needs about 7 hours of sun per week (yeah, per week) to power the Bloomsky. So as long as you’re not sticking it in a dark corner under a tree it’s likely to be just fine. What the other guy said above about South being ideal is true of any solar panel - I’m just saying it’s not super critical for this device.

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gears always turning… Im already wondering about leveraging the solar panel to charge the battery on the light in my shed as well as change Bloomsky :slight_smile:

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Connected mine just a bit ago and join the network w/o issue. I did a copy & paste of the API into the Skybloom connect SmartApp. How long before it shows up in the mobile app. (Device handler has been installed)
Unit is logging data to the Skybloom data portal.

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