Z-wave lock edge driver

The fingerprints are:

I see the Smartthings Drivers (Beta) in the Channels section, but I don’t see the driver installed. I think you need to

  1. click on the Smartthings Drivers (Beta) channel,
  2. click on the Available Drivers button (after you log in), scroll down to the very end of the list and
  3. click to install the Z-Wave Lock driver. You’ll see the Drivers installed on your hub. Then
  4. exclude the lock, and re-add it, then you should get the Edge driver.

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Thanks but I was really stupid (too many of these things) and realized I had downloaded the wrong Z-wave driver. I deleted it and downloaded the correct one and then reinstalled it in the app and it now shows and is working so far (lock and unlock commands). Will test my automation tonight with it. Thanks again and hope you get it working as well.

I was finally encouraged to get caught up and take a closer look at this driver and observed that the “codeName” data the driver is returning with a keypad event is “Code 1,” “Code 2”, etc., not the actual name from the name slot. The RBoy driver I was using previously always returned the actual name in the “codeName” field, i.e., “Joe,” “Susan,” or “Guest 13.”

We already have the codeID to tell us which # slot was used, and have the ability in the driver to set the nameSlot, which Smart Lock Guest Access also uses to identify the individual code entries. Shouldn’t the driver pull the codeName data from this field? Or am I the only one seeing this? My locks are Schlage Connect.

Yes, I’m currently in talks with @nayelyz in a different thread about this. The problem even extends to the issue with creating new lock codes. It seems to ignore the supplied name and revert to using Code X. I think the old groovy integration allowed more access.

I’ve seen that with the setCode command, but not the nameSlot command.

Is that a public thread where this is being discussed? I’d like to follow.

Yes it’s with the setCode command.
Here’s the Thread it’s an old thread but that’s currently where the discussion is.

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How do I go about getting the Kwikset Home Connect 620 zwave lock added to the fingerprints file for the zwave lock edge driver?

This is the “Raw Description” from the device:

zw:Fs2ac type:4001 mfr:0090 prod:0811 model:23A8 ver:7.20 zwv:7.13 lib:03 cc:5E,55,98,9F,6C

It’s a zwave lock with codes.

I installed Z-Wave Lock Edge driver for my Schlage Connect Z-Wave. However, the smarttthings app did not find any lock after scanning. Does that mean I have to remove the current groovy first? If that’s true, how come some devices I do not need to remove groovy first then can be scanned with new edge drivers? Thank you

I seem to recall reading that Custom DTH drivers still have priority over any Edge drivers. You can either 1) remove the existing DTH which will require you to delete the device; or 2) wait for ST to migrate the device from the DTH to Edge.

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Thank you for the information

@bmillis : I have the same Lock. Did you get anywhere with the edge driver, I am still using the default DTH.


Hi @mario550

I believe the zwave device identifiers that I posted above need to be added to the fingerprints.yml file in GitHub.

I’m not sure of who does this though? I haven’t made any progress yet but I did find another support thread that I will also post to:


Have you tried it? I don’t see any such option (code based triggers) in sharptools as we used in webcore. I really need this option.

See the post below. The codes are exposed in the context variables, not directly as triggers.


Thanks a lot. I will look into it and try to get it running

Yes it works you have to use context variables.

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I am attempting to update a Kwikset 888 door lock to the Edge Z-Wave lock driver.
I added the driver to the hub
This is my first post as I recall
Could not find how to initiate a new topic, sorry for adding this here.
I excluded the lock
I scanned for a new device & the hub included it as expected.
I checked the lock entry & it did sport the Edge driver in its configuration menu.
The lock status reports “Connected” vs lock state & the lock fails to respond to attempts to lock it from the App.
The lock state is - grayed out & battery is -% grayed out.
Any and all assistance will be deeply appreciated. I have another 888 to do as well.

I’m having connectivity issues with my Schlage locks using Edge drivers as well. Check the ST CLI and see if you are getting Z-Wave Transmit Fail or Transmit Ok No Ack messages. From my perspective, the lock doesn’t seem to be routing through other beaming repeaters for some reason and is at the edge of the range for being directly communicating with the hub. If you are seeing those messages, try moving your lock close to your hub and see if the problems go away (or at least diminish).

The lock & hub were separated by approx 2 feet or less.
No clue about cli.

I’ve excluded the lock again & re-included it one more time with success after the app installed an update (??). So now working with generic features.
Thanks to anyone who may have tweaked something to get it working.