Z-wave lock edge driver

Is the official z-wave lock edge driver ready for primetime yet? I can’t seem to find any 3rd party edge drivers for my lock. I have a Schlage BE469NXCAM716. Does it let you change a scene based off which code was used? I’ve gotten used to rboys features but am getting nervous as the transition looms.

I had an interesting time with an official edge driver that made my open/close sensor misbehave. 3rd party edge drivers saved the day. I don’t want to risk it if the drivers don’t work flawlessly.

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I’ve been using the stock Z-Wave lock edge driver. It’s just a basic driver it does not have any advanced features. That being said it has worked flawlessly.

After thinking about this for a few minutes. I believe with the rules API or Sharptools.io
you could achieve a scenario that would allow you to run a scene based on what lock code was used using the stock Z-Wave lock driver.

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Will sharp tools work in the non groovy system?

Yes. They made the migration already.


I have a Kwikset z-wave door lock and not been able to find any specific edge driver for it. Will the stock edge driver work for it and where can I find it? Thanks.

Here is a Link to the beta channel. However I do believe that if you were to remove and add the device back to the hub it should default to the edge drive. That is if you don’t have a custom DTH installed.

Edit. Looking at the fingerprint for the Zwave Lock it has several kwikset locks. What model do you have better yet what’s your fingerprint for your device.

The z-wave Kwikset Lock I have is model 910 but I bought it used without a chipset (sold as a zigbee and z-wave model both). I bought an older version z-wave chipset and put in the lock and everything worked fine. However it is not identified as a Kwikset lock in my Device info in the IDE. Here is what it says. I have no custom DTH for this lock. Looks a little generic so maybe the standard z-wave lock edge driver will work?

Name Door Lock
Label Garage Entry Door Lock
Type Z-Wave Lock
Version Published

The 910 is supported by the new edge driver.

I tried the beta generic driver today with my kwikset 910 lock and it did not work. I only have the indoor deadbolt part working with a standard keyed outdoor deadbolt - no keypad. Not really sure what was wrong, but it would not consistently respond to lock or unlock request, and I couldn’t get an automation to automatically relock the door after X minutes. Also, the event log would miss manual lock and unlock events, and was reporting code 1 thru code 8 unset every few minutes - which I don’t see with the cloud driver. I switched back to the cloud driver and it continues to works fine, including the auto lock after X minutes again (for now).

Are you talking about the Zwave Lock or ZigBee lock driver?

Z-wave lock generic driver from the beta edge driver channel. The lock has a tag under the cover that says model: 450191. After looking around on the internet a bit, I see that the tag I’m describing is on the Z-wave module inside the lock.

I downloaded the stock ST Z-wave edge driver to my hub and then deleted the lock and reinstalled but unfortunately, the 910 lock did not update to the new edge driver. Is there a way to try and force it to the edge driver that is installed on the hub?

what DTH did the lock pair with … a stock ST device handler or a custom one that you might have installed in IDE? If it is a custom device handler, you would need to comment out the fingerprint on it first.

My Z-wave chipset in the lock indicates Model 450241. I know this is an older chipset as I bought it on e-bay to add to the used lock I had (w/o a chip set) and to add Z-wave about a year ago. It always worked well with the cloud driver but maybe it is too old a version for the edge driver to support???

No custom DH in the IDE. It always worked with the stock cloud driver. I also removed battery pack and Z-wave module chipset and reinserted, deleted the device and added the lock back to ST but still no luck in getting the edge driver to load. I wonder if anyone else has been successful in getting a Kwikset 910 Z-wave lock to accept the new edge drivers. If so could they please indicate which Z-wave module they have? I also have 2 newer KS zigbee locks that I will be trying to migrate to the new drivers by using the stock zigbee driver in the ST beta channel??

I think the 450241 module is actually newer (Z-wave PLUS) than the 450191 (Z-wave) module that came with my lock.

For my 910 lock with the 450191 Z-wave module, the default cloud DH lists it as:
zw:Fs type:4003 mfr:0090 prod:0001 model:0001 ver:3.37 zwv:3.67 lib:06 sec: … in the Raw Description section of the device info table. In the Data section of the table, networkSecurityLevel: ZWAVE_S0_LEGACY is due to this module only supporting Z-wave (I think). From what I’ve read, you should see something like ZWAVE_S2_AUTHENTICATED or ZWAVE_S2_UNAUTHENTICATED for the newer Z-wave PLUS 450241 module.

Were you able to load the edge driver specifically to the 910 lock and see “Driver” listed in the three dots in your ST app for your lock?

Here is my current driver info which is still cloud-based I assume as the edge driver did not load.

Type Z-Wave Lock
Data * MSR: 0090-0003-0238

  • fw: 4.10
  • networkSecurityLevel: ZWAVE_S0_LEGACY
    Raw Description zw:Fs type:4003 mfr:0090 prod:0003 model:0238 ver:4.10 zwv:4.34 lib:03 cc:5E,72,5A,98,73,7A sec:86,80,62,63,85,59,71,70,4E,8B,4C,5D

The new KS 910 lock supports Z-Wave plus and my module says Zwave Plus on the chipset but I believe it is a legacy version (?) which perhaps the new Edge driver does not support. If that is the case we will need someone or ST to include these older versions in the new driver???

Yes. I added the beta edge driver channel to my st v3 hub, installed the Z-wave lock driver, then did the lock z-wave exclude, then added the lock and it did use the beta edge driver. However, it didn’t work reliably and I couldn’t successfully create a re-lock after 10 minute automation. Also, if I manually unlocked or locked the door, it wouldn’t report the correct status. The log also had “code 1 unset” through “code 8 unset” every few minutes. I went back and z-wave excluded to lock, uninstalled the edge driver, and then added the lock to get back to the cloud version, and everything works as it did before (including automations).

Also, I can see the beta driver has fingerprints for both your lock (mfr:0090 prod:0003 model:0238) and mine (mfr:0090 prod:0001 model:0001), so it should use it if you have beta driver installed on your hub before you exclude, and then re-add the lock. Interesting that your lock still uses S0 security with the cloud driver, even though it seems it should use the newer S2.

I think I followed the same process but the edge driver would not load to my lock after I excluded and then added back. It works fine but does not have the new edge driver. Very strange as I had no problems loading my Zooz edge drivers. Here is a snapshot of the drivers in my Hub. Is this the same Z-wave Garage Door Opener from the Beta channel you used?

Also how did you see the fingerprints of the new Edge driver? From the app the Hub only shows it is there? Or do you see it in the IDE after you loaded it to the lock?

UPDATE: My BAD. Just noticed I downloaded the Z-Wave Garage Door Opener driver as opposed to the Z-Wave Lock driver. Will try the correct one now!